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Ron Paul - Who Else Is on Obama's Secret Kill List 10-10-11

A Dangerous Precedent

According to the Fifth Amendment of the US Constitution, Americans are never to be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process of law. The Constitution is not some aspirational statement of values, allowing exceptions when convenient, but rather, it is the law of the land. It is the basis of our Republic and our principal bulwark against tyranny.

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As Long As Someone BESIDES Ron Paul Wins A Straw Poll

I was watching the all amazing FAIR AND BALANCED fox news and it doesn't shock me AT ALL anymore as to how biased this so called news network really is.

I love how they state that the msm isn't allowing Ron Paul to SURGE from his straw poll wins unlike cain and the others.

Does fox really think that WE believe that THEY are not the msm? Does fox really think that THEY are actually fair and balanced or are ALL the reporters that crooked as human beings and will do or say ANYTHING just to collect a paycheck?

How was bachmanns straw poll win different from rons?

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Values Voter Straw Poll Organizers Suggest A fIx In Ron Paul's Win

The latest unseen attempt is to suggest, falsely, that Ron Paul and his campaign purposefully rigged the results of straw poll to make him the winner. We must expose this fraud accusation as a attempt to discredit the campaign and the congressman himself.

By Lindsey Boerma

Rep. Ron Paul scored a decisive victory Saturday in a mock presidential election at the Values Voter Summit, trouncing fellow Texan, Gov. Rick Perry, but an organizer of the straw poll suggested ballot-stuffing may have skewed the results.

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Please use this comparison sheet for tabling and canvassing

I have loaded a candidate comparison to my FB pages: ronpaulforlibertydc and occupythemedia DC - as well as to some meetup groups in early primary states, though i haven't gotten to all of them since meetup has restrictions as to postings. Please friend either of the Facebook pages and download the comparison sheet. It was used at the Value Voters Summit in DC and a lot of people said it had a high impact. OR you can email me directly at and i'll reply with the document.

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Carol Paul for First Lady campaign = Womens' Vote

Imagine seeing this commercial: a shot of Carol Paul... she says something along the lines of "my highschool sweetheart and now husband of 54 years, Ron Paul, has delivered over 4000 babies as a OBGYN doctor. Now he wants to deliver our boys home from the wars overseas. Will you please help him (camera pans back to show him sitting next to her) by voting Ron Paul for President in the Republican Primaries, and general election?"
He says "I'm Ron Paul and I approve this message" and with a big grin :)

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There is a troll on twitter trying to pretend to be a supporter making DR.Paul look bad

Ron Paul haters are now using a new tactic to try to make him look bad by pretending to be a supporter and acting crazy.
This is very annoying and i don't understand why they would want to do this a the most humblest and honest man.
So annoying. Well check out his twitter.

---> @wRongPaul

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Vanity Fair is "covering" Ron Paul

A bit cheeky ("take one for the team"), BUT, it's Vanity Fair and daily coverage, if anyone's interested:

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Ron Paul's Values Voters Summit Speech (October 8, 2011)

This is a great speech...

Its greatness transcends creed. It's great because this makes sense regardless of what your religious orientation is -- or isn't.

Its great because its something Ron Paul really believes -- It hasn't been "focused-grouped" or "psy-oped".

And yet the Fox News' reporter in the following video clip seemed perplexed that such a "live and let live" message could be tolerated, much less accepted....

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Ron Paul Predicts Assassination of American Citizen

There is a video on youtube of Ron Paul predicting the US government assassinating an American citizen without due process. Unfortunately, it ends with a picture of Dr. Paul with the F word on it, which I find offensive.

Here is a clean version if you want to pass it on to people without offending them.

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Because in every straw poll this year, the president has been the loser.

SALT LAKE CITY, October 9, 2011—Ron Paul is certainly amped. Another straw poll victory for him. Were it not for Michele Bachmann's brief flirtation with top-tier status, he would now have three major straw poll wins on his resume this year.

Paul has an extraordinarily disciplined and effective organization nationwide, ready to deploy at these major events. His win reflects as much.

More at:

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Washington Times: Ron Paul puts America first

Many, including fellow presidential candidate Rick Santorum, have labeled Ron Paul as part of the 'blame America first' crowd in this election cycle. They are angered by his willingness to point out flaws in our country's foreign policy and smear him as an isolationist who wants America to hide from the rest of the world. Contrary to establishment Republican rhetoric, Paul's policy is not "blame America first," but "put America first."

Read the rest:

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