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Your Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich is About to Get Much More Expensive

The price of peanut butter at the commodity level has gone up from $450 a ton to $1,150 a ton in just one year. Now, retailers are beginning to raise prices.

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The United States vs. The Weimar Republic: We live in dangerous times!

I made this poster warning about the dangers of inflation by comparing the inflation of The Weimar Republic in the early 20's with the inflation of the US Dollar the last 40 years in relation to gold:

Please share!

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Gold: Independent Money

This video is by the same makers of "Fiat Money"

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ECB Inflation Cartoon

The ECB website actually has a cartoon for educating kids about the dangers of inflation.

What an irony.

Maybe the Fed should follow suit. Here is an idea, how about a superhero comic strip on the strong dollar policy.

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Great Video - Their Plan and how Ron Paul is messing it up.

The beginning speech by Welch is fascinating.
Sounds like the playbook of the NWO...

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Emmy and Peabody Award Winner Rich Aron's: "Do the Buck"

Rich Arons developed, directed and produced hundreds of television cartoons for Steven Spielberg including such hits as "Tiny Toon Adventures", "Animaniacs", "Freakazoid!" and "Toonsylvania", winning 2 Emmy awards, a George Foster Peabody award and a Cartoons on the Bay award.

Now make room for "Do the Buck":

"It's a song, it's a movie, it's a t-shirt, it's a wake up call. I'm trying to find a fun way to say we're in big trouble to those who haven't heard.

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Paul Volcker: "A Little Inflation Can Be a Dangerous Thing"
Volcker says he is hearing people say "let's increase inflation to 'just' 4 or 5 percent a year to boost the economy and says:

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True Inflation Levels, Calculated the Old Fashioned Way!

Don’t believe the official government inflation data? keeps government statistics the old fashioned way…without the numerous “adjustments” ie manipulations over the last several decades that hide the real impact of government monetary and fiscal policy. From their website : “The CPI on the Alternate Data Series tab here reflects the CPI as if it were calculated using the methodologies in place in 1980.”

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Is Food and Gas including the Government inflation report?

I am having a hard time trying to figure this out. I felt like I have heard this statement before, but I want to make sure it is actually true before repeating it to others.

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WikiLeaks drops Bombshell on Gold Market; GATA right again!

With an avalanche of ever-tantalizing news stories and upcoming nail-biting scheduled officialdom events in both Europe and the U.S. all hitting the gold market at once in September, discerning the story that could propel some distance from Jim Sinclair’s exosphere target of $1,764 in the gold price weighs heavily in favor of the WikiLeaks story and its potential explosive impact on the price of gold from today $1,900 print to Sinclair’s ultimate target of $12,000+.

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Awesome educational video - inflation mathematics

I saw this video (all 8 parts) over the weekend and it was pretty mind blowing and yet very simple. It is focused on basic arithmetic in relation to growth percentages (such as how we measure inflation).

It points out how huge of an impact when will see when the numbers seem very small (like 3% per year for example).

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Ron Paul Has Saved Us From Hyperinflation says Gary North

If we get hyperinflation, it will not last long: a few years at the most. It will be a great disruption in the lives of most Americans, but if the government does not impose price controls, there will not be devastation. There will be losses. People will have to scramble. They will adjust. They will get poorer. They will consume capital. But they will survive.

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What good is a job if it doesn't buy you much?

I was thinking to myself the other day how stupid it sounds to say: "We need more jobs".

Remember when a family could be supported by one salary? Well, that still would be the case if we had a sound currency.

A sound currency would keep prices down, allowing people to easily buy the basic things they need to live comfortably.

The problem isn't that we need more jobs, it's that the cost of living is too high!

Ron Paul needs to say this during the debates... I think it's a great way of explaining inflation and the importance of adopting a sound currency.

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Important: Articulating the "Mirage of Inflation"

I just finished reading "The Mirage of Inflation" again from Henry Hazlitt's book. I believe that the separation between the poor and the rich is a HUGE talking point that RP should put much more effort into conveying.

The transitional period of inflation, in which the initial receivers of printed money benefit while the poor are secretly/deceptively pickpocketed, is not too difficult to explain.

Initial Inflation: The Fed starts the money supply boost by loaning to banks or using their other methods to pump the system.

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