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World Net Daily endorsing Cain?

As far as I can tell, they are endorsing Cain.

h ttp://superstore.wnd.com/I-Have-A-Dream-Cain-West-2012-Magnetic-Easy-Off-Adhesive-Bumper-Sticker

I wonder what Jerome Corsi thinks of it. I will no longer visit that site anymore.

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Weird Going ons over at Worldnetdaily

Farah posts a video confessing to being an extreme far leftist from when he was about 15 to after college, including being part of a movement to kill soldiers in vietnam by infilterating the ranks and betraying their officers.

To note part of the video, Farah met with the underground including Bill Ayers and his wife WHILE THEY WERE FUGITIVES, after being part of this movement for 10 plus years, but didn't "really recognize them".

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Background of WND F Michael Maloof highly questionable (hit piece on Ron Paul)

Background on author of hit piece on Ron Paul on WND.

I haven't even bothered to delve into this much. A simply google search shows that F Michael Maloof has at least 4-5 completely different claimed backgrounds and that is just on the first page.

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WND slanders Ron Paul

It's over. The neocons lost.

All the sleeze that the neocons have inflicted on the American people in the last 30 years is coming to the end. Greenspan, patriot act, torturing prisoners, constant undeclared wars, drug war, endless lost rights, the pedophile scandal from catholic conservatives.

WND link (via bit ly)

POLL: Vote Ron Paul in WND Daily Poll


It asks: "Whom do you most trust on the illegal-immigration issue?"

Tom Tancredo currently has a commanding lead.

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