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Ron Paul Firmly in "Top Tier" in Latest NH Poll!

"The real significant finding in this data is not so much who the frontrunner is at this point - Governor Romney has been the front runner in this field for a while - but who is NOT in the top tier,” said Patrick Griffin, Senior Fellow at the New Hampshire Institute of Politics.

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Ron Paul is the 13th Floor, No mention of RP in LA Times Article

No mention of the good doctor. I say let's fill the comment section with valuable information about our future President.

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Paul discusses spending, foreign policy at Politics & Eggs series

MANCHESTER – A stream of Ron Paul supporters hoisted royal-blue signs and waved while standing outside St. Anselm College on Friday morning as the presidential hopeful participated in the Politics & Eggs series hosted by the New Hampshire Institute of Politics and the New England Council.

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Ron Paul Receives Endorsement from NJ State Senator Michael J. Doherty.

Ron Paul campaigns outside the Statehouse in Trenton.

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Frontrunner poll

At 10:28am EDT, Ron Paul 72.59% with 32,871 votes.

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Why Ron Paul Is Winning the GOP? Washington Post article

of course they couldn't write something without saying he won't win etc.... other than that take a look.

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Ron Paul - The New GOP Frontrunner

Yesterday was US Constitution Day. In case our readers didn’t notice, there wasn’t much fanfare. That’s probably because, technically, there hasn’t been a US Constitution since President George Bush was given imperial powers with his signing of the Patriot Act. America’s mainstream media probably doesn’t want to remind America of what it’s lost over the last few years. So it’s fitting that on US Constitution Day, the only life-long defender of the US Constitution in the field, Rep Ron Paul, officially moved into the lead as the GOP’s Presidential frontrunner.


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A Birthday Present


This anti-war video is actually a compilation of two music videos combined into one. The first part is beautiful and the second part touched my soul and brought tears to my eyes.

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Ron Paul Media Bomb - Tomorrow!

If you haven't yet, consider joining us for our first Media Bomb tomorrow!

We have a list of contacts and templates for you to use. Please join us!

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Let's have a Ron Paul debate

Here is a petition to demand that Rudy debate Ron Paul ONE ON ONE on the issue of what so qualifies Rudy to be a security expert and what does Rudy know, or not know about foreign policy.

I suspect Rudy's foreign policy knowledge is lacking and just having been mayor at the time of the WTC attacks does NOT make him presidential material.

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Frontrunner Ron Paul, 100% Republican and here to stay!

I hope this video with a message from Ron at the end will explain why giving that insignificant flea in the MI GOP any more blogtime is useless and unproductive.

Ron is 120% Republican, and according to FOX and MNSBC his post debate support was great and growing. He is #1 on YouTube of either party's candidates. Note that since the second debate, RG's mainstream polling points have dropped like a rock since (11% to be exact) and JMcC's points are at an all-time low. Ron has nowhere to go but UP.

Please do not waste anymore time on the man from the MI GOP!

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