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How Ron Paul Can End ALL Taxation

We have all heard candidates propose eliminating the income tax which came into existence by the same means as did the Federal Reserve bank and by the same co-conspirators. The creation of both was violently opposed by some starting with the Federal Reserve which is a privately run banking system controlled by the international bankers in collusion with the Rothschild Banking Cartel. These Bankster’s make Al Capone look like a Cub Scout as they are nothing but suited criminals that commandeered the entire monetary system of this nation under the auspices of the Federal Reserve Act!

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Isn't an 8-8-8 plan better than a 9-9-9 plan? LOL

I just can't help being sarcastic about this 9-9-9 tax plan. I mean, call me simple-minded, but if a 999 plan sounds good, wouldn't an 888 plan sound even better? and 777, etc

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CAINesian Economics

Say your salary is $45,000

A 9% corporate tax rate only permits the corporation to pay you:

A 9% personal income tax only lets you take home:

A 9% national sales tax only gives you the purchasing power of:

$11,089 or 1/4 of your income to Uncle Sam

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Taxpayers For Ron Paul

The official Taxpayers For Ron Paul coalition just went live on Facebook.

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‘Occupy Wall Street’ Tax Proposal Is Backed By Wall Street Itself

The “Buffett tax rule” being promoted by Occupy Wall Street protesters is exactly what the Wall Street-owned Obama administration wants

Written by Paul Joseph Watson

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Is Herman's tax plan a tax increase for middle America?

I've not run the numbers yet, but this is looking like a tax increase for my family. Does that 9% apply to every dollar I earn? Will the 9% consumption tax apply to food?

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Perry bet big on tax grants to subprime lenders

WASHINGTON (AP) — As Texas governor, Rick Perry spent tens of millions in taxpayer money to lure some of the nation's leading mortgage companies to expand their business in his state, calling it a national model for creating jobs. But the plan backfired.

Just as the largest banks began receiving public cash, they aggressively ramped up risky lending. Within four years, the banks were out of business and homeowners across Texas faced foreclosure. In the end, the state paid $35 million to subsidize it.

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Herman Cain's Mine Mine all Mine plan shifts taxes to the poor

Herman Cain's 999 plan accomplishes nothing except shifts taxes to the poor, making the nation even poorer as a result.

Under the current system all people pay approximately the same percentage in income to taxes. Poor people pay a disproportionate amount of their income for consumable goods, which percentage wise equates to the higher percentages the rich pay in the progressive income tax system.

Herman Cain's 999 plan levies a new tax, a national sales tax, upon all people which the poor will feel the brunt of worse, while removing the progressive income tax from the rich.

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Tennessee and National Action Alert!

Smart meters being installed on homes without consent. In the middle of the Summer without notification the local electric company installed a "smart meter" on our home. We have owned the home for 8 years now and during the Summer months never paid more than $165.00-220.00 for utilities (electric and water) due to conservation and the fact that even though it is a standard split foyer home both children have moved out, one to school and the other to work.

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INTERESTING=>Are young voters too blind to see the problem?


The youth who seem to support Obama, are the same that will carry the debt/spending burden. They appear to be unconcerned about the consequences of excessive big GOV spending.

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Ron Paul & Ronald Reagan

A short film about Dr. Ron Paul and his incredible defense of the Constitution. This video shows his incredible courage to do the right thing, even if it does not always make him look good. Dr. Paul was slammed on the internet for being the only person voting "No" to giving Rosa Parks a Congressional Gold Medal.

Find out why here:

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The most annoying taxes

Hello everybody! What are the most annoying taxes you're paying in you country, besides the income-tax? I'm from the promised land of high taxation, Finland in northern Europe and here's my top 5:

1. Inheritance tax
2. Tax on transfer of real estate (1,4-4%)
3. Gas-tax (about 4$/gallon)
4. Car-tax (>20% on the salesprice)
5. VAT (8-23%)

The we of course have real estate tax (0,4-1,5%) but I'm not paying it for the moment. And let's not forget the TV tax of about 200€ a year, I'm not paying that either.

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Great Video - Their Plan and how Ron Paul is messing it up.

The beginning speech by Welch is fascinating.
Sounds like the playbook of the NWO...

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Sure, Pile on more debt.

You guys have to check this out. I can't believe it.

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