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Ron Paul on Cavuto 10-10-11

Ron Paul on Fox Business discussing European bailouts and occupy wall street.

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Did anyone see Neil Cavuto tonight 9/26/11?

I work in Homecare and while I was at a client's house, of course, he had Fox news on.. He was talking to me while Neil Cavuto (fox news) was doing a commentary about third parties and the reason that they don't have a chance is because "The media" doesn't give people the opportunity to hear them and their positions and keep saying "they can NEVER win" I know that he specifically mentioned Ron Paul but I had to focus on the client..

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Sen. Rand Paul on Your World w/ Neil Cavuto - 09/21/11

Sen. Paul and Neil Cavuto discuss FEMA funding, Solyndra, and President Obama's upcoming visit to Kentucky

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funny *new* Mitt Romney praises Ron Paul for Iowa victory

i'm pretty sure this is brand new- from yesterday. i just found it. let me know if this is old. just a short, funny video:

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Ron Paul on Cavuto next ! Fri 4:32 EST

Just happened to tune in 4:32 est

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Ron Paul with Neil Cavuto June 26 at 4:30 ET - False AP Story

Dr. Ron Paul will appear today June 26th at 4:30 ET on Neil Cavuto's show on FOX NEWS.

He will counter a false story being spread by the Associate Press that was first picked up from the Concord Monitor blog of local NH reporter Margot Sanger Katz.

The AP's story falsely draws lines that incorrectly insinuate that Ron is a 'supporter' of Ed and Dr. Elaine Brown of NH.

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Ron Paul - 'We need greater tax cuts'

In this pre-debate video, Cavuto was almost expecting to pigeonhole Ron with the whining liberals who are always complaining about the Bush 'tax cuts for the rich'.

When Cavuto asks him if he would rescind those tax cuts, here Ron tells him what he would do. He says if Ron expresses his views in the debates, he will create fireworks...

Let's hope Ron will be allowed to talk about his voting record with regard to tax cuts on June 5th.

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