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Perry Poop - Arming the American Eagle to Defeat Rick Perry

Perry Poop is a love letter from Texas independents to the American people, especially the 40% or so who call themselves independents and who will likely decide this presidential election.

Texas independents – just ordinary Texans – know Governor Rick Perry in a real special kind of way, having done battle with him for years. For us, he is the “cunning, ambitious and unprincipled” man the father of our country so eloquently warned about.

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Independent study determines Ron Paul is the Frontrunner.

Since the media is all about making pieces fit where they don't belong, I figured I would fight fire with fire. The following picture clearly shows Ron Paul as a run away front runner, also it shows how much of a Ron Paul fanatic I am. Enjoy, remember this is just for fun, sometime I feel like people around here forget to smile some days.


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Trump troll starting up again - and a POLL

Trump: If the Wrong Person Wins in 2012, It Could Be Ruinous for Our Country...this one has the POLL

Read more:

Rick Perry spotted with Trump

There are several stories about Trump hooking up with Perry recently.

But PLEASE know that Trump was in Obama's camp last go-around. Trump even dedicated books to Obama.

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Ron Paul 2012: Time to Run as an INDEPENDENT?

In the history of Presidential Races, a few in my lifetime have had an Independent in the mix.

The wonderful thing has been in the final months of the Presidential election, the Independent has been up there on the stage, debating one on two with the Democrat and the Republican.

When all eyes turn to the election in the final 3-4 months, having the national "choice" be between three candidates, the voting public reports time and again that they are happy to have 3 choices, rather than just 2.

With the voting public thoroughly dissatisfied with both Congress and the two major parties, more than any time in history, ... this just may be the year of the independent Presidential candidate. More then ever, a 3 choice might just be the voting public's way of saying to the two parties, "we reject you both! You both have screwed up!"

John Anderson tried it.

Ross Perot tried it.

Pat Buchanan tried it.

The question is... Will Ron Paul try it?

The GOP race is already set. It will be Romney.

The only question is for Sarah Palin. Does she want to run as VP again? Certainly Mike Huckabee wants the offer, but he won't get it until Sarah makes up her mind. And the GOP will not offer it to Sarah until she (and Glenn Beck) delivers the Tea Party to the GOP. Fox news has done its bit by giving both Huckabee and Palin their own TV shows. (Ron got nothing--throw him to the Fox business financial news on very late night and very Earlie Morning news casts and let those RP crazy whore the video to their friends on the web).

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How to win support for Ron Paul

I have just compiled a list of 'teaching' videos, that is, videos you can use for people who say, 'Who is Ron Paul and what does he stand for' or, 'Is Ron healthy enough' or 'What is Ron's voting record' etc. There is something here for all the issues just about, to let Democrats, Republicans, and Independents see for themselves. Just copy this list of videos. I did all the work so you don't have to.

First, Ron on the debates:

FOX and MSNBC polls ARE correct truer random samplings of the people:

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