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Black THIS Out! Money Bomb-Promotion Video!
Be sure to spread the word about the October 19th Money Bomb! Let's see the media "Black THIS Out!" Please share this video!

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The Big One: October 19th. Mark Your Calendar!

Ron Paul raised about $6 million dollars in a historic moneybomb fundraiser on November 5, 2007. This election season Ron Paul is doing much better. The date for this season's epic moneybomb fundraiser has been set to October 19th.

As of the time of this writing, over 2,800 people have already signed up to donate at:

Mark your calendar for October 19th, 2011 because it will be a day you never forget. It is widely expected to be Ron Paul's biggest moneybomb of the election season by a wide margin!

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Save your Ron Paul Campaign donations for Oct. 19

www.BLACKTHISOUT.COM. If you prefer to send a check, there is an address where you can send it on the Campaign's website, post-date it to Oct. 19th, so they can't use it before then. As usual, you can get Campaign merchandise instead of just giving, t-shirts, sweaters, buttons, bumper stickers, you name it. It seems like this fundraiser aims to directly criticize the mainstream media's (MSM's) desperate attempts to downplay Ron Paul's success, following and support, and of course, the denial that he is a front-runner w/ an impeccable record. Otherwise known as a media black-out.

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Ticker is Up! - End Of The Third Quarter PUSH

The Ticker is Up - End Of The Third Quarter PUSH

The Ron Paul 2012 Campaign has put up a ticker for the end of the quarter PUSH


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The Hill - Paul Plans Constitution Day 'Money Bomb' Fundraiser

For some Americans, Constitution Day, Sept. 17, might be nothing more than a footnote on their tear-off daily desk calendars. But for Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas), whose libertarian candidacy for the Republican nomination consistently evokes constitutional themes, the day is one to be celebrated — and fundraised around.

San Francisco Fundraiser for Ron Paul 9/13

The San Francisco Ron Paul Meetup, a group of 253 unpaid volunteers supporting the Ron Paul 2008 Presidential Campaign, announces that Ron Paul will visit the Bay Area on September 13, 2007.

In San Francisco, he will attend two fund raising events sponsored by the San Francisco Ron Paul Meetup - one for breakfast the other for lunch.

Apparently this weekend, they had the most successful fundraiser yet -- taking in $102,000 at a Texas house party!

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Ron Paul Fundraiser with Jimmie Vaughn - May 20th

May 20th Fundraiser with Jimmie Vaughn:

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