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Phone Polls are Obsolete, Ron Paul is the Real Front Runner

This is inspired by a great comment left on the sunshinenews website announcing the Iowa and New Hampshire Primary Polls.

by Richard "These where Phone polls of people registered Rep. Only old people have phones now adays everyone uses a cell and most people dont answer random calls. These polls show nothing because of the out dated system used to track results.

Ron Paul is the real front runner, only one i hear every one talking about and supporting.

Ron Paul 2012!! "

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Missouri's Primary will NOT count! What do you guys make of this?

"Missouri Republicans will probably still get to cast a ballot for a presidential nominee in February, but that vote won't actually count."

They just switched to a caucus as of last week.

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GOP primary changes will make Ohio a big draw before March 6

Ohio is the mother of presidential visits for general elections, but new rules for the Republican presidential primary on March 6 likely will attract even more candidates to the Buckeye State, state GOP Chairman Kevin DeWine said.

“Those people are going to have to come in here and make a pitch to the voters,” DeWine said yesterday in a meeting with reporters to explain the new setup, which will be sent to the presidential campaigns today. “We will play a significant role in the selection of a presidential nominee.”

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Stop wasting your time and energy with the primary process. Become a delegate.

I went through the process last time and got to our state convention. It was rough. The establishment lied, cheated, stole, and bent rules to their own ends.

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Where Should I Go After Florida (Jan. 31st)?

I'm about to go sell some more Gold and Silver to keep me traveling until the end of January. After I leave Iowa at the end of the Month I will be heading to South Carolina (where I'm trying to get a group together in the North, and meet with an already active group in Lexington) then Florida (where I'll be meeting up with a semi-active group in Pensacola). I'll be working at farms in both states to maintain residence and food.

After that I either have to go back home to California, or, if my chip-in gets funded ( head to the East Coast.

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Anyone out there involved with the Florida GOP, state level or othewise?

Florida changing it's date for the primary has wrecked havoc among many Republican voters in the other states.
My question, if anybody knows, who voted on this date change, and was anyone informed on the county level?
[ I smell dirty politics]

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A strategy to defeat Ron Paul? Early primaries and late entries.

Does anyone else feel like there is a strategy working against Ron Paul here? The primarys are being rescheduled, some are saying that there will be primaries as early as December, with other key states following shortly after in early January.

Add this to the delayed announcement of Christie, Palin, or whoever else may be waiting in the wings.

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Please Help Ron Win GOP Primary

Deadline to change your voter status to Republican is October 14, 2011. Go to:

If you have NEVER registered to vote, deadline is March 30, 2012. Go to:

Please contact your County Board Of Elections in your state for details on voter registration deadlines.

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How Presidents and Nominees Were Doing in October (i.e. Paul CAN Win)

Some quick links and numbers for anyone who questions Paul's poll performance.

At this time in 1975 Jimmy Carter was polling at 1%
In September 1991 Clinton was at 3%

In Oct. 2003 Kerry was at 13%

In Oct. 2007 Obama was at 23% (vs. Clinton's 51%)

And in Florida McCain was at 9%

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Bachmann Out Before Voting Begins? Time To Reach Out

Looks like Bachmann might be running out of money:

Is it time to reach out to her supporters? We can easily win Iowa if we can get a majority of her supporters, granted she drops out before voting begins. We were also talking about how if a candidate drops out, any delegates they win can change their vote at the convention, should we start asking her supporters to back Paul as their second choice if she drops out before the convention?

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Another GOP debate in Florida

It was just announced on the Jacksonville news that there will be another GOP debate in Florida! The debate is confirmed to be held between Jan. 22nd and the 30th. in JACKSONVILLE. This will be very important for the Florida Primary which has been moved up to Jan. 30th. By the way, moving the date up causes Florida to loose half our electoral votes for this primary. This is sure to be a very influential debate, occurring so close to the primary. Venue has not yet been selected. I will update when the details become available.

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Quick summary: Ron Paul will win primary in November 2011

Now this would be a beautiful sight!


Frontrunner?: But who will Republicans be voting for? After Rick Perry's debate disaster last week, the latest opinion polls show no clear picture of who the Republican favourite is, with Mitt Romney and Perry closely matched and businessman Herman Cain gaining ground.

In summary: Ron Paul to win Republican nomination after "Super Thanksgiving" primary in November 2011.

More at:

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Open Primary State Stategy: Democrats and Independents for Ron Paul

Got to the Coffee Shop early for the Des Moines Meet-Up. Wanted to put something together to help promote the Open Primary States. I noticed someone asking for the list to be done by Date, so that's what I did, with some links to polls and articles and a case for Democrats and Independents to pull the Republican Ballot when they go to vote:

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Four US states may leapfrog Florida primary date

(Reuters) - Four U.S. states holding contests early in 2012 to choose the Republican presidential nominee threatened on Thursday to leapfrog Florida if it goes ahead with a primary election date of January 31.

I'm not sure what this will do for the RP camp but it certainly would for the hand of Palin and Christie to S*** or get off the pot.

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