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Steve Dore's Ron Paul Songs

Allow me to re-introduce you to Steve Dore. He is an avid Ron Pauler, and has a library of songs about Ron Paul. One whole CD dedicated to him. I think you may these motivational, and perhaps one could be our "anthem"?

Here is the link to his YouTube Channel and website:

The Weekly Standard on the Abundance of Ron Paul Songs

This is what the article - pretty decent by all accounts - has to say about our friend Steve Dore:

If there is a Woody Guthrie of the Ronulan movement, he has to be Steve Dore, a San Jose-based blues musician and boogie-woogie piano enthusiast. He's been playing music since he was 6 years old, and came of age in the sixties. As a songwriter, he "had nothing to say." The melodies would pop into his head, but the words wouldn't come. Then he started reading up on economics and inflation (he cut a record called "Inflation Nation," which he calls "training wheels" for his current Ron Paul efforts), and went to see Paul at a hard assets conference in San Francisco, where he found himself standing on his chair numerous times, applauding Paul's fiscal sense. Ever since, the music won't stop flowing.

New Song: The Politically Wise Jive by The Constitutional Cats.

Here's a great, funky new tune from The Constitutional Cats, called The Politically Wise Jive. Click here to listen.

Keep the songs coming! We have such a great diversity of music and support - better than anything money can buy!

Excellent lyrics, here:

When Ron Paul gets the nomination,
We will get good legislation
Reducing needless litigation
He’s the one to fight inflation
Go back to a great tradition
Dr. Paul has the prescription

House Call: New Song from Steve Dore

Here is a new Ron Paul song from Steve Dore, called "House Call"
Check out the lyrics below:

Hope For America - New Ron Paul Song by Steve Dore

Steve Dore, musician and friend of Ron Paul has written a great new song about Ron Paul, titled "Hope for America." You can listen to it/download it here:

Visit Steve Dore online at his website Inflation Nation:

And on MySpace at:

Thanks Steve!

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