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The Weekly Standard on the Abundance of Ron Paul Songs

This is what the article - pretty decent by all accounts - has to say about our friend Steve Dore:

If there is a Woody Guthrie of the Ronulan movement, he has to be Steve Dore, a San Jose-based blues musician and boogie-woogie piano enthusiast. He's been playing music since he was 6 years old, and came of age in the sixties. As a songwriter, he "had nothing to say." The melodies would pop into his head, but the words wouldn't come. Then he started reading up on economics and inflation (he cut a record called "Inflation Nation," which he calls "training wheels" for his current Ron Paul efforts), and went to see Paul at a hard assets conference in San Francisco, where he found himself standing on his chair numerous times, applauding Paul's fiscal sense. Ever since, the music won't stop flowing.

New Song and CD from Steve Dore

Dear Friends,

Our good friend Mr. Steve Dore has released a new song called Peace along with his entire collection of Ron Paul's songs on CD. The CD, titled Early Songs of the Great Ron Paul Revolution is available at his site: Ron Paul Songs

Steve was kind enough to send me a copy of the song. It is all instrumental, and it is a beautiful song. In fact, my wife just ran in from the other room saying, "What is that music!? It is beautiful."

Steve writes:

Steve Dore - Don't Be A Sheep!

This is the book that Steve is talking about - A Nation of Sheep. Bill O'Reilly, Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity all endorse Judge Napolitano. And in the book, Judge Napolitano endorses Ron Paul.

This is the passage that Steve reads: "There is little we can do about this but warn our fellow Americans of Liberty lost. At this writing, sixteen politicians are competing nationally to replace President Bush. There are eight Democrats and eight Republicans. With the exception of Representative Ron Paul -- in terms of fidelity to the Constitution -- it does not matter which one of them wins. Except for Congressman Paul, they all love power for its own sake, believe that big government should redistribute wealth, regard the Constitution as a quaint obstacle, and would enforce or disregard laws as they saw fit. All this without regard to our history, our values, or our natural rights..." Get the book and pass the word.

Song lyrics below. Hear all of Steve's songs at: Ron Paul Songs.

Steve Dore - Sweet Liberty Victory Theme

Great video Steve! Lyrics below

Steve Dore Rocks Out: Critical to Get Political!

Steve Dore is such a fabulous musician, and he really shows his musical versatility with this song. If you like good old fashioned rock & roll, you're going to love this song! I think it is his best yet. Thanks and keep it up, Steve!

Click here to play: Critical to Get Political. Lyrics below:

House Call: New Song from Steve Dore

Here is a new Ron Paul song from Steve Dore, called "House Call"
Check out the lyrics below:

Hope For America - New Ron Paul Song by Steve Dore

Steve Dore, musician and friend of Ron Paul has written a great new song about Ron Paul, titled "Hope for America." You can listen to it/download it here:

Visit Steve Dore online at his website Inflation Nation:

And on MySpace at:

Thanks Steve!

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