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CBS News - Ron Paul: Time To Stop Spending Trillions On War

Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul said Monday that America could save trillions of dollars if the country cut funding from wars - "and all the nonsense that we do around the world."

The Texas Representative argued in Monday's Republican presidential debate that, rather than eliminating programs like Social Security and prescription drug benefits for seniors, America could reduce trillions' worth of spending in conflicts abroad .

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Guilt, Blame, and Truth; Blog Post against Santorum

Post on my blog about Rick Santorum's absurd beliefs regarding American foreign policy and 911.



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Ron Paul Video - Should go Viral Today

"BeaReady" posted this yesterday after the debate...think this deserves to go viral today.


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Ex pro-wrestler John Collado killed by NYPD plainclothes officer - another innocent vicim of the war on drugs

The war on drugs, which creates the problem it is tasked to defeat, claimed one more victim on Tuesday night when John Collado of New York jumped into what he saw as an attack on his neighbor and ended up being shot in the abdomen by a police officer who was pretending to be a civilian with a gun.

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Message to Ron Paul Campaign: How to win the Warmonger Neocons, especially after the CNN/Teaparty Debate!

Ok if you want to win their votes WHILE maintaining your integrity (which is a given, naturally) you need to STOP saying 9/11 was a result of US foreign policy or that we invited 9/11 upon us. I know we did, trust me, but hang in for a second.

INSTEAD, you need to ride the anti-Washington wave and start emphasizing it is the result of Washington D.C. using our military unconstitutionally which aided to out of control spending. As you once said, "We get out marching orders from the constitution." And what's more, we have to borrow from China to do it! This will make them think twice.

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Rick Santorum & His Neocon Ilk Are Culpable For 9/11, Not America

Rick Santorum tries to say Dr. Paul "blames America" for 9/11. This is nothing but desperate, pathetic demagoguery. Personally, I hold neocon trash like Rick Santorum culpable for 9/11, as he & his ilk are those who supported policies of interventionism, preemptive war, & decided America was the "policeman" of the world. These arrogant, ethnocentric, uneducated saboteurs of the Constitution are those who are truly to blame for the blowback which exposed itself on 9/11. And I would say this straight to his face.

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HUNTER: Ron Paul's Foreign Policy Would Make America More Safe

In tonight’s war of words toward the end of the debate over whose foreign policy would make us more safe — Ron Paul’s or Rick Santorum’s — the verdict is clear.

George W. Bush made us less safe. Barack Obama makes us less safe.

Santorum has promised to follow the nearly identical foreign policy of both Bush and Obama.

Santorum would make us less safe.

Bush-era Republicans like Santorum have learned nothing in the last decade.

Read More:

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War–The Fiscal Stimulus of Last Resort

September 9, 2011

“War! Good God, y'all. What is it good for? Absolutely nothin’!”

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We should have listen to Ron Paul

We should have listen to congressman Ron Paul.


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Purpose of the 9/11 Attacks - Representative Press

"To wake the American people up" - Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, "Mastermind of 9/11 Attacks"

Shocking video!


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Colin Powell regrets Iraq war intelligence

Former US secretary of state says information he provided leading to the invasion of Iraq is a "blot" on his record.


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