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How does a "Patriot Act"? Bachman should receive many copies of this article.

I think a campaign email flood for Bachman would be appropriate to show how much she really knows about the importance of the patriot act and the reality of how it is used. Be sure to check the graph half way down the page to give you an idea at who this legislation is aimed at. While some people might find it o.k. to use against drug users, the fact is that the patriot act is un-American and should be repealed with Obamacare.

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Ron Paul Wants to Pull Plug on AC-The Blaze

This one needs some comments from Paul supporters.

From Glenn Beck's news site "The Blaze".
"Ron Paul Wants to Pull Plug on AC for Troops in Afghanistan?"

"Republican presidential hopeful Ron Paul wants to bring U.S. armed forces home from Iraq and Afghanistan, and one way to achieve that goal might be to pull the plug on their air conditioning. In a statement made during Wednesday’s GOP debate, Paul lamented the “$20 billion” spent pumping AC into tents around Afghanistan and Iraq where American military personnel are stationed....."

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Obama Signs Executive Order for Sanctions and Regime Change in Syria Without Congress

Kevin Hayden – TruthisTreason.net
Source: Activist Post

Once again, President Obama has used the authority vested in him in the International Emergency Economic Powers Act and the National Emergencies Act to impose sweeping sanctions against a sovereign nation without Congressional approval.

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Ron Paul - Drug War Stance

Just wondering about this after the ad and all the Reagan talk. Was Ron Paul not opposed to drug legalization when he endorsed Reagan? Or did he not anticipate Reagan's escalation of the war on drugs? Or did he endorse him despite disagreeing with his position on drugs?

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BREAKING: Obama Administration to Reduce Troops in Iraq to 3K

Looks like someone is afraid of people actually listening to Ron's "pulling out the troops" message.

He is simply doing this to gain popularity before the election. I hope this doesn't siphon too many independent votes away from Republicans (more specifically, Ron Paul).


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PBS Travel Guru Rick Steves: Smoking Pot is "My Civil Liberty"


It would be great if he came out for Ron Paul as well.
his business is based out of Portland OR

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AWESOME summary of World War II and the NWO

For you history and conspiracy buffs out there....this website is absolutely mesmerizing stuff.

In particular, the piece entitled "Forbidden History"

From Rothschild to Obama is just a few pages of well written blurbs and photos

Bookmark this for sure....


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War by Thomas Jefferson

"I abhor war and view it as the greatest scourge of mankind."

"Whenever an appeal to force shall take place, I feel a perfect confidence that the energy and enterprise displayed by my fellow citizens in the pursuits of peace, will be equally eminent in those of war."

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Mayor of London Makes Bizarre 9-11 Comments

Mayor of London Makes Bizarre 9-11 Comments

The Mayor of London Boris Johnson, a man who has turned looking like an idiot into an art form, made some bizarre comments today about hoping for a “controlled demolition” of the “weird conspiracy theories” surrounding 9/11.


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Former CIA Counter-Terrorism Analyst blows the lid off the fraudulent Wars, live on CNN (reporters shocked)

If you have seen this already,I'm sorry for posting but this is huge for the freedom/peace movement.


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End the DRUG WAR and we kill the North American Union?

I think ending the Drug War has many wider implications then we often realize. I think that if we were to end the Drug War, not only would that help stop America from becoming more of a Police State, it helps free Mexico too. Indeed, ending the Drug war would help all the people in Colombia from living under that narco-fear. Ending the Drug War would help Mexico and perhaps end the quest for a North American Union. And perhaps, the type of free trade peaceful trade linked future we all desire, would be the kind of union we could all happily live with.

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Robert Nisbet on What would the Framers be most struck by in America today?

Robert Nisbet, the great conservative intellectual in the post-war era, described the shock the Founders would be in if they were to see the state of affairs today.

This is part of a lecture given in 1988, celebrating the bicentennial of the American Constitution.

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Learning to Walk Again: Reining in the Empire (Video)


Set to Foo Fighters' "Walk", this seriously motivating video is the story of a country that has lost its way, and the hope for its rebirth. Endless war financed by endless debt are enslaving multiple generations and an entire planet. But there is hope. There is an awakening - and let us hope that this rising tide will water the tree of Liberty, so that our children and grandchildren can once again taste its sweet fruit.

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Pat Buchanan interview on Antiwar.com

Always loving hearing a more in depth interview with Buchanan. When it comes to war history and history in general, he is a wealth of knowledge.

They talk about the Russian conflict brewing.

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Portugal drug use down 10%+ after decriminalization

Great video to show people who bash Dr. Paul for "wanting to legalize heroine". Drug use is down a whopping 10% and so are drug related infection rates etc.


I would have loved to see stats on crime rates, incarceration rates, gov spending related to drugs etc.

Still other sources say the abuse rate has dropped by as much as half!


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