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Help! Chicago Trib author needs some education - inane article about RP

The author, Clarence Page, has his contact information at the end of the article. It's another one of those pieces condoning the destruction of the principle of insurance and personal responsibility. Then Page actually had the gall to say that Dr. Paul, of all people, "waxes vague" on the explanation to it. Clearly this author has done no research or independent thinking.

The author is completely unaware of how the free market corrects problems.

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Ron Paul interview on the Don & Roma Show (WLS Chicago) ~8/25/11
11:29 interview, Click "Listen" on the page

and YT link:

thank you to beelzebush66

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Eric Zorn of the Chicago Tribune would make Goebbels proud

Addressing us from his bully pulpit, Chicago Tribune writer Eric Zorn condescends with an arrogance so smug he puts most of his colleagues to shame.

Here he vents his being dumbfounded by reactions to his latest piece from Ron Paul supporters, and media skeptics the world over:

Here's a batch of hate mail, most likely selected for publication based on their poor grammar and spelling:

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End The Fed videos -- Chicago

The Chicago rally formed at a plaza near the Tribune Tower. We listened to the first speaker, Ken Prazak, then marched to Millenium Park where we gathered to listen to Clyde Cleveland speak. From there we headed over to Federal Plaza and listened to the final speaker, Dan Druck. Most people had signs or passed out info. The cops were professional, even courteous. One walked with us the entire way and others blocked intersections. I thought Clyde gave a good speech at Millenium Park, but I couldn't find a clip of it yet.

Poll: Chicago's WLS

This poll asks if Rudy or Ron Paul was right about foreign policy.

WLS is a Chicago AM station that syndicates Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh.

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