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Rick Perry on Ron Paul

Perry sharing his "wisdom" about Ron Paul in 2007.

Wow! Ron Paul at the Mackinac Island Conference

We just got in from spending the weekend at the Michigan GOP Leadership Conference on scenic and historic Mackinac Island. Many exciting things happened during the last few days, including an opportunity to meet my adult-hood hero, Congressman Ron Paul. I don't have time to do a full post right now but I give you some highlights.

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Will Giuliani Debate Paul One-on-One?

The annual FreedomFest conference, has issued a debate invitation to GOP Presidential candidates Rudy Giuliani and Ron Paul to use FreedomFest ‘07 as a debate venue to further explore their fundamental differences in foreign policy and the war in Iraq that were highlighted in the Columbia, SC debate.

Mark Skousen, producer of the debate issued the invitation to both candidates this week. FreedomFest will be held in Las Vegas July 5-7.

!! The Cafferty File 5-24-07 !! - Ron Paul Educating Rudy

This is huge. No, the American People are not stupid.

Thank you J for the tip.

Also - this clip from the late WCBS 2 News broadcast in New York City on Thursday night:

Thanks to kayokleptocrats for the posting. It is a pretty extraordinary little clip. It is just under one minute, but the announcer says,

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Can Rudy be Educated?

Probably not, Rudy is an old dog.

Ron Paul appeared at a news conference with Michael Scheuer, the former head of the CIA's bin Laden Unit, to give it a try.

From the Washington Post/Reuters:

U.S. candidate Paul assigns reading to Giuliani

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