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Video: Registering Republican to Vote for Ron Paul in the Primaries

You must change your affiliation to Republican to vote for Ron Paul in your states primary/caucus! Check out this video and the links below to find out how! Most states also have deadlines, so be sure to confirm that as well!

(I am not don't endorsing the websites below, they just have some good information!)

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No Competing Democratic Primary

Because there is no competing democratic primary, Ron Paul will do better in the primaries this time around. The Blue Democrat initiative is a head start that we didn't have in 2007-2008. Also, independents who would otherwise vote democrat, will more likely vote Ron Paul if they vote at all.

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New York Times : Palin Rails Against Crony Capitalism and Career Politicians

Palin Rails Against Crony Capitalism and Career Politicians

INDIANOLA, Iowa — Sarah Palin did not say whether she would seek the Republican presidential nomination, but she made clear during a speech here on Saturday that she has no intentions of simply falling into line behind one of the party’s leading candidates.

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Qr Codes = Better Organizing!

If you're organizing for an event, have a booth at a county fair, or any other such thing, use QR Codes to get people plugged into the R3VOlution!

Example of one of our Minnesota ones here:

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Precincts 4 Paul Organize Collaborate Locally Help Elect Delegates in your Precinct, District, County, and State to Nominate RP!

My fiance and I have created a forum to focus specifically on organizing precincts to elect delegates for Ron Paul in caucuses and primaries around the country we have taken the time to make forums for each state, please register and post a topic under your state including your county and precinct. We will then either make you an admin so you can create subforums for your local area or we will go ahead and make the subforums for you to better organize ourselves Geographically.

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Update Wikipedia Republican 2012 Primaries

I was searching for the Pennsylvania Republican Primaries & noticed everyone mentioned by Congressman Paul - will anyone that knows how update it? Link -

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A National Strategy: First Thoughts

As we head through September and into the heart of the primary campaigning season, one thing that I think about often is how we can work together to help see this campaign succeed. There have been a number of groups trying to approach this from many different angles, some more effectively than others, but we still haven't coalesced into a single purpose, and that probably needs to change.

Change Party Affiliation to Republican to Participate in Primaries

Dear Friends,

We all want to see Ron Paul as the next president of the United States. In order to get there, he will first have to win the Republican nomination. I have seen him state on television that he will not run as a third party candidate, so it is vital that he win the nomination. This article from Wikipedia outlines the Republican primaries schedule.

Why is this important? As alert reader Verbatim writes:

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