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Major GOP Candidates Lack Ability to Follow Simple CNN Rules

A simple observation... GOP candidates at the CNN debate were given some simple instructions to follow to keep the debate on a 'level playing field'. The rules were so blatantly over-looked and disregarded by the so-called 'major' candidates, one can only wonder what other rules they'll blatantly disregard if ever given the power that comes with the Presidency of the U.S.A. As usual, Congressman Paul, the statesman and gentleman, showed America what "Presidential" really is. Dr.'re our modern day hero -

New Posters - Listen to Ron Paul

Dear Friends, Thanks to Dr. Paul's grandson Matt, I will be in attendance at the CNN GOP Debate on June 5th in Manchester, New Hampshire. I haven't been this excited since I was a kid! I'm looking forward to meeting the Paul clan who have already been so kind to me.

And the debate! Will Giuliani apologize to Dr. Paul, as Dr. Paul has suggested he should? Will Giuliani report back that he's read the books Dr. Paul has suggested he read? What will Giuliani say? "No - I don't need to read them." (?) or "Yes, thank you, Dr. Paul - they were really interesting. I learned a lot." (!) Whatever he says, this will be a big day for Ron Paul. The media is starting to take notice.

To help promote Dr. Paul in the upcoming debate, I've made up a new set of posters.

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