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National Review holds fundraiser, and nobody responds!!

This made me say........hmmmmmmmmm.

Neocon / CIA rag, NATIONAL REVIEW, is having a fundraiser and NOBODY is responding. I find this fascinating and encouraging. Another sign of the turning tide?

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NY judge tosses 7 WTC suit

NEW YORK — In tossing out a negligence lawsuit, a judge on Friday cited the "strange, improbable" events that destroyed a 47-story World Trade Center building a decade ago on Sept. 11, several hours after the 110-story twin towers fell.

The claims by the Consolidated Edison Co. of New York were "too farfetched and tenuous" to survive, U.S. District Judge Alvin Hellerstein said.

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I got a call from Rick Perry's campaign last night.

(I am the GOP chairman for our county in Iowa.)

The guy wanted to know when our next county central committee meeting was so he could come and get acquainted. (I got a similar call earlier from Sarah Palin's non-campaign committee.) He wanted to know if there were any local events that "the governor" might want to attend.

That caused me to think, why hasn't the Ron Paul committee called with a similar request?

I went on RonPaul2012 last night and submitted a suggestion for a visit to our local festival at the end of the month.

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New FEC Ruling permits Ron Paul to speak/fund raise at RevPAC events!

According to a REVPAC recent twitter, a new FEC ruling permits Ron Paul to speak and fund raise at REVPAC events!!!
REVPAC has asked that we share this information!

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Official Aug. 25 Gibson Guitar Press Release

I know someone who works at Gibson. He gave me the link to the Gibson press release sent out today. If it's not raw milk, it's guitar wood. This is ridiculous.

"The Justice department bullies Gibson without filing charges"

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Interview with Stuart Varney-Fox Business 8-25-11

Interview with Stuart Varney-Fox Business

Congressman Ron Paul will interview with Stuart Varney-Fox Business Thursday August 25 10:00am Eastern

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Why were Ron Paul's interviews cancelled with the Closing Bell and Freedom Watch?

Why were Ron Paul's interviews cancelled with the Closing Bell and Freedom Watch?

Tales from the Dusty Trail

Some of you will think this is a hokey story, but, it's what NH is all about. I can eat sushi all I want in Bedford, or travel back in time, if I choose, to where the land has not changed much in 100 years.

I know this story is a bit late, but I think it's worth telling. Sometimes the most surprising things happen on days that might otherwise seem humdrum.

This is what it's all about folks, finding others who think like we do. And it's a happy day when we do.

I headed up to the Belknap County GOP Picnic on September 8 in my pickup with my portable booth.

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Sharing the Ron Paul Experience!

Dear Friends,

Even if you do not live in NH where Ron will be doing heavy campaigning or one of the other early states and thus cannot get to meet Ron, we want you to live vicariously through us!

Thus I invite everyone and anyone who has photos to upload them to Ron's space on FLICKR as well as the NH television station's website for Ron, WMUR-TV where the locals who don't know about Ron can see his events.

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Ron Paul - Events and Demands

I am going to try to post all events as I hear of them, on Ron's space on Eventful and hope you will too. This is for all states.

If you know of an event in NH where he could appear, add it to your DEMANDS for Ron. See if the city is already there and then add it. If it's already there and you can attend, VOTE for it.

Events so far for NH where Ron is concentrating:

Monday June 4th: Quinn & Cantara on WGIR 101.1FM airs from 7PM - 11 PM and I'm not sure what time Ron will appear. Not sure if they archive their shows either.

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Ron Paul in NH: Debate Rally Heating Up

The NH debate rally is shaping up to be a success and I am looking forward to meeting many new Ron Paul supporters. C'mon up!

We have many other possible venues for Ron that are listed on Eventful's website.

This is where we would like to see Ron next as NH is such an important State so please help us demand these events!

June 4 - NH Reagan Network Dinner - Manchester

June 6 - NH GOP Presidential Gala Dinner - Manchester

June 17 - NH Liberty Alliance Dinner - Concord

June 21 - Bedford Republican Committee Picnic - Bedford

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