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And here comes the blowback: U.S. officials warn of possible retaliation over al-Awlaki killing

The U.S. State Department issued a "worldwide" alert Saturday, urging overseas travelers to be mindful of "the potential for retaliation against U.S. citizens and interests" following the killing of American-born militant cleric Anwar al-Awlaki.

Al-Awlaki -- the face of al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula whose fluency with English and technology made him a top terrorist recruiter-- was killed Friday in a U.S. drone strike in Yemen, officials said.

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Recall how Ron Paul explained blowback FBI, security officials warn of possible retaliation over al-Awlaki killing

FBI, security officials warn of possible retaliation over al-Awlaki killing

Assuming you believe all this fear-mongering, isn't this what Ron was talking about...blowback? I'm sure the MSM will consult some expert to adopt Ron's position again without giving him any credit.

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Ron Paul Understands Terrorism (Video)

This is my video to my neocon friends to convert them to Ron Paul

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Great 9/11 blowback analogy

I recently thought up a great analogy to explain Ron Paul's position on blowback and terrorism.

Let's say there's a guy named John who kills the son of a Mafia boss (let's call him Tony). This obviously angers Tony immensely. He retaliates by killing John's son.

Now obviously, Tony was not justified in killing John's son, who was innocent. But does that mean we should deny the obvious fact that John's murder of Tony's son motivated Tony to kill John's son.

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Riff on Carlin--foreign policy

I was thinking about the great routine George Carlin did on war, and how that's our main business these days. Made me think of a great point Ron could make.

"Probably the main issue shared by my opponents is worry over the insinuation or imposition of sharia law and a caliphate in America. They are outraged that radical islamists would try to impose their culture and values on other people.

That's our government's job."

(Then go on to talk about spreading "democracy" around the world at the point of a gun, killing hundreds of thousands of innocent people along the way.

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Ron Paul on Blowback, Foreign Policy, and Peace

Ron Paul on Blowback, Foreign Policy, and Peace:

A Brief Timeline of Blowback:

Blowback is a term used by the CIA to explain unintended, harmful consequences of military action (particularly aggressive action). Ron Paul is the only presidential contender who truly understands blowback and why current U.S. foreign policy endangers the national security of the U.S.

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Michael Moore and Bill Maher taking Ron Paul's position

This is unbelievable! Watch this video, and see Moore and Maher sounding like two Ron Paul supporters.

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Gary Johnson's effect on Ron Paul

I do believe in Media conspiracy, I've gone over this in my blogs as to why I know it exists.

I subscribe to the notion that Gary Johnson was let in the debate in an attempt to dilute Ron Paul's vote.

However, I think that it failed miserably as Gary Johnson being there just made Ron Paul look like less of a transient, that is, Gary Johnson's arguments simply supported Ron Paul's arguments, thus appealing to more as mainstream.

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Scary! Tony Bennett apologizes for telling the truth.

It is scary the times we live in. Tell the truth about blowback and 911 and you must apologize. Can you say 1984 anyone?

from CNN

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My Letter to the Editor was Published

I wrote a letter to the Editor that was published this morning. Could use some comments from the readers of the Daily Paul.

LETTER: Ron Paul is right
In the last debate, Rick Santorum attacked Congressman Ron Paul by saying he claimed Americans invited the attacks on 9/11. When Rudy Giuliani made the same accusation in 2007, Paul responded with a reading list including the 9/11 Commission Report and "Blowback" by Chalmers Johnson. Even our government concludes that bin Ladin's attacks on America were motivated primarily by the presence of American bases in Saudi Arabia and interventionism in Iraq, leading to the deaths of 500,000 children (Madeleine Albright admitted this in 1996). Ron Paul is pointing out this fact. He is a doctor trying to cure a disease, not using Band-Aids on gunshot wounds. Denying truth is not only unreasonable, but also un-American.

Our current foreign policy of bombing countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Yemen and Somalia makes us less safe and we can't afford it. America has spent $10 trillion in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Hypothetically speaking, what if we spend 10 percent of that on necessities here in America? That's $1 trillion. Paul's foreign policy makes sense. Disagree? Ask who receives the most money from active-duty military personnel. Air Force Veteran Ron Paul tops the list. He gets more than all the other candidates combined and even more than the commander-in-chief Barack Obama. Santorum's support? $250. 0.0068 percent of the good doctor.

Thanks everyone,

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Paris - The Violence Of The Lambs

An interesting speech about "American exceptionalism", and blowback that I stumbled across. I'm not much into rap, but this artist "Paris" seems to be aware of the situation.
I don't completely agree with the speech, but it is spot on for the most part, and I thought it was interesting given the current political discussion on foreign policy. This might have been a good answer for Sanitorium in the debate....8)

Paris - The Violence Of The Lambs (2:29)
Does anyone know who this is speaking in the video?

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Freedom? US Ranked 9th, 15th and 16

Economic Freedom Ranking

USA 9th

Freedom of Press Ranking

USA 16th tied w/5 other countries

Democracy Ranking

USA 15th

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Michael Scheuer Continues to VIndicate Ron Paul's Views on Foreign Policy

“Mr. Paul, of course, never blamed the United States for the war the Islamists started and are now waging on the United States. What he did say is merely what is true beyond any credible challenge: Our growing number of Islamist enemies are motivated to attack us because of what the U.S. government does in the Muslim world and not because of how Americans live and think here at home.

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Ron Paul Predictions Prove He's Right about 9-11

Well, the Media is on a Rampage about Ron Paul's statement that our foreign policy contributed to 9-11. Is Ron Paul just anti-american? Does he hate america and our greatness?

How does he know it was our foreign policy that would lead to terror attacks?

Simple. He knows because he was warning us about that for years before 9-11!

He's not saying 9-11 was justifiable. But was warning us for years before 9-11 that something like 9-11 was going to happen if we continued our bad foreign policy.

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