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American Spectator Hit Piece and Iran Assassination Plot

Exactly Wrong: Yet another hit piece by the American Spectator; had they any credibility, this would have sunk it.
There are a few things to keep in mind.

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Something smells funny.

Does it sound a little fishy that the current administration is on the ropes, and then this Alleged Terror Plot comes up? Here's a link you should see:

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US Ties Iranian Operatives to a Plot to Kill Saudi Ambassador

So the propaganda machine has already started to spin this one:

"The Obama administration...accused agents of the Iranian government of being involved in a plan to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to the United States."

The administration further vowed to "unite the world" against Tehran through new international sanctions, and VP Joe Biden said that U.S. action could go beyond sanctions, adding that "we're not going there yet".

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the Real Reason for Iraq, Libya and why Iran, or Syria is next (hint: it's the Fed)

This is the general background information (ignore the presentation):

Then listen to this for more current information:

Then look at these headlines:

General Wesley Clark says that after 9/11 he was presented with a plan to attack "Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Lybia, Somalia, Sudan, Iran"

Tehran (Iran) dumps dollar for euro

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Here we go again

The feds are once again taking credit for having foiled a terror plot in which the plotters just happened to seek help from a government informant.

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Koch subsidiaries paid bribes, sold to Iran

Bloomberg investigation alleges Koch subsidiaries paid bribes, sold to Iran

Subsidiaries of the global business empire headed by the Koch Brothers, who have helped bankroll an array of conservative, anti-regulatory causes, made illegal payments to win foreign contracts, Bloomberg Markets magazine reports in a detailed investigation in its November issue. In addition, foreign subsidiaries belonging to Koch Industries sold millions in petrochemical equipment to an Iranian methanol plant, Bloomberg also reports

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Why did the US overthrow Iran's democratically elected government in the 50's?

Im trying to explain to someone that we overthrew the iranians elected govt in the 50's but i need to know more of why like the history behind it. And who started all this

thanks guys!

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Iran nuke issue

I have a friend who lines up with me on so many political points. He's a great friend, but he's caught up on Ron Paul's stance on Iran and won't support the good Doctor because of it.

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Free Censors Ron Paul supporters

The web site is censoring any mention of Ron Paul's foreign policy on Iran that supports his views. Today I posted a response to an article that claimed Ron Paul was crazy for saying Iran did not have nukes. I noted that Dr. Paul had his information from the CIA. I also noted that the CIA had also said Iraq was not a threat to us but we had gone to war anyway. Because of this post my privileges were revoked.

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The Real Risk of Terrorism

This was pretty good..... now what needs to be done is a cost comparison of how much we spend for each of these vs. what we spend for military intervention overseas.

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Iranian Navy - Is CNN downplaying the situation or is Fox creating undue fear?

Fox and CNN tell two very different stories.

Either CNN went out to find the most dismissive Pentagon spokesman possible, or Fox News is intentionally leaving out the insignificance of this "threat".

Maybe it's both?

You Decide:

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