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What is Ron Paul's stance on Iran?

I have a friend who says that if elected president Ron Paul would allow Iran to get Nukes and that's bad since they have made it clear they want to attack us. They are friends with North Korea (our enemy). Is this true? Can someone clear this up for me?

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Ron Paul and Iran

The past few days after the debate I have read a few online forums, reactions and also listened to radio conversations: it is clear to me that Chris Wallace just like in the first SC debate (with regard to heroin) has very intentionally sought out an issue which he could isolate, take out of context to try to hit Paul. Politics is dirty and Dr. Paul is absolute clean and honest. It was just as the Giuliani-debate, which had a double-ended sword/effect to it: attracted Independents to Paul, also also lead to some "conservatives" trashing Paul, either via misunderstanding (e.g.

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Comment of the Year, by Sergeant Lewis: (Paul's stance on Iran/foreign policy)

Ron Paul was called a "kook" today, concerning his stance on Iran, in the comment section of an article at THE HILL entitled "Ron Paul shines in Iowa; major media cheats him." Follows Sergeant Lewis' response to said comment:

I am a Sergeant in the U.S. Army. I support Ron Paul and I support his foreign policy. I am sure you would not dare call me a Paultard to my face.

No, you would give me the same parroted line I hear 100 times a day, "Thank you for your service". When I hear some flabby couch potato like you say that to me it makes me sick. Yes, I serve our country, but our wars do not.

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Ron Paul Yesterday on Iran

One of the most disturbing items in recent news is the US posturing toward Iran and threats of US using nuclear power. Here is what Dr, Paul said yesterday on the floor of the house:

That is the voice of reason I want speaking for me. Here is H.ConRes21, who introduced it and who has signed on to it at this point. Interesting to note the dates by names.

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