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RP on the Factor Tonight!

Ron Paul to Appear on O'REILLY FACTOR tonight! (probably with Laura Ingraham filling in)

Of course, it coincides with the Debate - but it will replay at 11pm and i'm sure most of us have DVRs...!/FoxNews

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Dr. Paul on Bloomberg 09/06

Good interview Dr. Paul. Excited to see you for my 3rd time in NYC on the 26th!

View here:

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Fire in the Hole!: O’Reilly says Ron Paul won’t come on his show

I wouldn't be shocked if there was a reason or two why the Doctor hasn't yet accepted, but I'm interested to know. Anyone know any facts around this?

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Jesse Benton To Russia Today, "Ron Paul does not do interviews with Russia Today. No one watches you guys anyway".

Adam Kokesh announced on his show tonight that this will be the last show of Adam vs. The Man, but didn't say why. However, he did say he interviewed Ron Paul on May 4th of this year, and since then has tryed numorous times to have Congressman Paul back on the show, with no reply.

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New Interviews with Ron Paul

There are new Ron Paul interviews coming up tomorrow. Here's the scoop:

Interview with Freedom Watch, Fox Business
August 23, 2011 8:00 pm ET

Interview with Maria Bartiromo, CNBC Closing Bell
August 23, 2011 4:30 pm ET

Just thought I would pass it on.

Announcements and an Open Thread


A few announcements - Ron Paul's new Exploratory Committee website is now up and running at: Please visit it to offer your support to Dr. Paul. There is also a new radio interview with Alex Jones available here, as well as an archive of interviews from the Korelin Economics Report here.

Your comments and discussion welcome below. Please register to post comments.

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