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Post-Debate Polls

Hey everyone, I'm posting all the credible polls I can find after tonight's debate to


From there, each link has a shortened URL if you want to share that specific poll. If you find one that I don't have, please add it as a comment.

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Phone Polls are Obsolete, Ron Paul is the Real Front Runner

This is inspired by a great comment left on the sunshinenews website announcing the Iowa and New Hampshire Primary Polls.

by Richard "These where Phone polls of people registered Rep. Only old people have phones now adays everyone uses a cell and most people dont answer random calls. These polls show nothing because of the out dated system used to track results.

Ron Paul is the real front runner, only one i hear every one talking about and supporting.

Ron Paul 2012!! "

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Because in every straw poll this year, the president has been the loser.

SALT LAKE CITY, October 9, 2011—Ron Paul is certainly amped. Another straw poll victory for him. Were it not for Michele Bachmann's brief flirtation with top-tier status, he would now have three major straw poll wins on his resume this year.

Paul has an extraordinarily disciplined and effective organization nationwide, ready to deploy at these major events. His win reflects as much.

More at:

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A new TACTIC! Online polls and news.

My friends,

It is time for us to drive the news and the polls!

This is how we do it.

From this point forward, the first person that sees a negative poll or news article comes to the DP and gives a synopsis of it. We take that into account and DON'T repond. Let them do what they want. Who cares? We are winning and it is killing them.

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Don't worry about polls: Become a Delegate

We all know the polls are created to shape the people's opinions. They are orchestrated tools to discourage participation.

Becoming a delegate at your local level is where we will change things.

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New Pew Poll - Paul at 12%

"Paul’s overall standing in the nomination contest is boosted by his broad appeal among younger GOP voters and men. He has the support of 18% of Republican and Republican-leaning voters under 40, compared with 11% among those 40 to 64 and just 5% among those age 65 and older. He also garners twice as much support among men (16%) as among women (7%)."


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Public Policy Polling Calls Out Ron Paul Supporters in Latest Tweet

Love e-mails from Paul backers complaining about not including him in our polls when he's been included in every poll for more than a month


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Poll : Charlotte NC


Charlotte Obsever recognizes Cain as NC's top Republican. Vote in poll (RP listed)

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Dream Ticket Poll Help Ron Paul get up there!

Please go here and vote for Ron and Rand as VP!

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My Theory On The Cain Bump

Ron Paul announced in his closing remarks of the Florida debate on Thursday night that he is running third in the polls. This was a shrewd move by the doctor as he called pn the truth to inform many that had know clue to how well he was doing. On Friday, Herman Cain wins a $175 per vote straw poll and by Sunday/Monday, Cain was third in all polls. My feelings are that the powers to be want to remind Ron Paul and his supporters just how powerful they can be, and are trying to eliminate more of this truth telling by Mr. Paul in the future.

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New CBS Poll welcomes Frontrunners back down to Earth

Romney 17
Cain 17
Perry 12
Gingrich 8
Paul 7

76% of voters still shopping for a candidate

Have heart DPers!!!!!!!!!

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RealClear Politics caught in the act of distorting Ron Paul's Poll #

RealClear Politics caught in the act of distorting Ron Paul's Poll Numbers
Tuesday, October 04, 2011

I got copied on this e-mail that Joe Sansone sent to RealClear politics:

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