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Herman Cain: Federal Reserve Audit Unnecessary - Ron Paul 2012 Video Release


In July 2011, a partial audit of the Federal Reserve as authorized by Congress revealed an unprecedented $16.1 trillion in unreported loans to U.S. financial institutions and foreign financial institutions.

On December 29, 2010, Herman Cain flatly denied the need for a Federal Reserve audit.

Herman Cain served as the Deputy Chairman (1992-1994) and Chairman (1995-1996) of the Board of Directors of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City.

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9+9+9=9 and 6+6+6=9

Well... I aint posted in a minute... But there has been toooo much going on that I need to make an observation....

for those that are new... Here is my background...

May not seem like much... But that is the FIRST time any Presidential Candidate has been in the MMA... And the LAST... It won't be done again...

I also made this video about 666=9... 666=18= 1+8= 9

Now this CREEP Cain... of Cain and Abel... starts spoutin 999...

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Video Update : Did Cain out Flip Romney or did Ron Paul Face Plant the Fed?

Cain Tries a back flip of his own and Ron Paul face Plants the Fed.
Video collection of the fed, Cain, Paul and the solution of competing currencies.


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Occupy Boise interview: "End the Fed, stop the wars."

Misquoting myself for brevity's sake. The people who were freely doing interviews with me as a youtuber (they are still uploading) were reluctant to speak to the MSM, so I wound up wearing a mic and getting my 2 cents worth in. I left my own camera running, and my memory card got full before I got to the part where I told what went on in the GOP State Central Committee. I doubt that footage will ever see the light of day, but I tried. And, at least this much is "out there" now.

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Fed Chairman Cain ran for President in 2000 (0 delegates)

He also ran for the Georgia Senate in 2004 and only received 26%.

He was the Senior advisor to the failed Dole/Kemp campaign..

So I think we can say he loses any office he runs for. RP has been elected over and over... Also RP got 35 delegates to Fed Chairman Cain's 0.

Just fyi

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Locally, OWS = HCEC

I say this based on my experience attending the local OWS chapter here that, despite their best intentions, they're unwittingly becoming the "Herman Cain Election Committee" (HCEC) since all they do is prop up and reinforce the status quo b.s.

There are some in there interested about the Fed, but the majority seem hung up on things that have nothing to do with unemployment and student loans which is what drew my interest to attend.

I think I'm going to organize with all the other RPers in my area and launch an "Occupy The Fed" (OTF) chapter and post up nearby OWS.

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New York City US Congressional Candidate Speaks at Occupy Wall Steet

US Congressional Candidate whose district is on the border of New York's Financial District. Running as a Democrat and very critical of the Federal Reserve. Dan O'Connor has been very well received by the liberty community in New York and attended Occupy Wall Street yesterday.


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Influential Christian Conservative Hal Lindsey of "Late Great Planet Earth" book; mentions Ron Paul anti-FED

Hal Lindsey is an influential Christian conservative with daily Christian television programming has taken Ron Paul's positions of constitutional due process of criminal U.S. citizens mentions Al Awhaki assassination case and also supports Ron Paul's position on auditing the FED, and lectures Christians about the fraud that is the FED. He mentions Ron and Rand Paul as standard bearers leading the fight against the FED, in 30 minutes Hal Lindsey report of 10-7-11 that is televised nationally on TBN, DayStar television network and the Inspiration Network. Link www.hallindsey.com

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The Famous End the Fed Protester Reveals Himself!

If you missed it the first time, here it is:


His name is Chris and he is speaking out again regarding ending the Fed.

He's also set up a web site: http://whataboutliberty.com/

Yes he's a big Ron Paul supporter too in case some of you missed that part in his original YouTube video.

He's answering questions on Reddit if you have an account there at this link:


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Amazing Rick Perry 2012 ad

Amazing Rick Perry 2012 ad http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-sR4B5MOW4w&feature=channel_v...
This video was Blocked by youtube after 1000 views, seems they dont want the idea to catch on. Its back up now so lets really push it out there this time.

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If you don't understand occupy Wall St. - updated with video OF END OF march

Then you need to attend an event, and find out what the people are saying.

I just got back from Occupy Boston 10/08/2011, and I can tell you that the people there are as varied as our society. Sure there were some leftists, who wanted to eradicate student debt, basically saying that we owe them an education. But the biggest thing that impressed me, was that the vast majority of the people in attendance, who wanted to End the Fed, and End the Wars. bring our troops home, and start investing in this country.

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Video of End The Red Rally at Federal Reserve Bank Boston

Here is some video from the Occupy Fed Rally at Federal Reserve Bank of Boston.


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