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Registered Just To Post This - What Woke You Up To Ron Paul?

What made you support Dr. Paul and how do we use that to recruit more supporters?

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Ron Paul diehards brave heavy rain in Charleston.

Ron Paul diehards brave heavy rain in Charleston.

...It was part of a nationwide "Ron Paul Sign Bomb." Supporters of Ron Paul's presidential campaign waved signs in several other counties in South Carolina as well. In Columbia, Ron Paul supports stood in front of the state house. Other Ron Paul sign waving events were scheduled for Aiken, Greer, Myrtle Beach, Rock Hill, and other locations.

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Ron Paul recruitment cards

There are thousands of groups dedicated to getting people involved in showing their support for Dr. Ron Paul. Get off the websites preaching to the choir. Get out there and spread his message to people who may have not yet heard it. These cards are great for if you meet someone interested in Ron Paul to guide them to a community where they can become more active in this revolution!


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Is There 1 Person Out There That Could Be The Revolution Superpac Sugar Daddy?

There are thousands of us holding signs, signing up to become delegates, recruiting new supporters, donating to every money bomb, coming up with new ideas for the campaign, and all of this is a must and needs to continue. The revolution has come so far!!!

However, I wonder if there is that one person that has the resources to do what we all dream of doing. What I am talking about is being able to poor a ton of cash to help the message get out there even more.

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Rep. Ron Paul: The country is ripe for revolution

"We are seeing a level of enthusiasm for Ron Paul that can be compared with President Obama in 2008", said Eric Brakey

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"Have you read Ron Paul's book?"

I sure would like to hear this question asked in interviews by Alex Jones, Judge Napolitano, Peter Schiff, etc. - and by RP supporters calling into the shows of the Hannitys of the world.

"Have you read Ron Paul's book?"

If the answer is No, "Really? You know, you really should. Soundbites are one thing, but to really understand what Ron Paul is talking about, you need to read one of his books. And then you'll get why his supporters are so passionate, Sean."

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What Grassroots Effort or Event are YOU Working On Right Now?

I saw a thread about the flying Ron Paul banner ad over the debate chipin idea. One thing that is really missing from THIS election cycle compared to the 07/08 election cycle is the GRASSROOTS EVENTS.

While we had many grassroot ideas that flopped pretty bad, some wasted a ton of money and others were just a blast to participate in.

What it did however was bring us together, allow the grassroots to come up with whatever wild idea it had and run with it.

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Ron Paul: American warrior - Molotov Mitchell Revelation

Must See This Endorsment From Molotov Mitchell
Just In From World Net Daily!!!

People Are Catching On To The Movement!!

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Does REVPAC read this forum?

They don't make it easy for me to get in touch on their site, so I'll post my suggestion here, and hopefully they'll read it or someone might be able to pass it along if it's deemed worthy.

I think they should license their ad "Plastic Men" to supporters who would run the ad using the Google tv ads service.

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Ron Paul Supporter Sponsors MMA Fight

A Ron Paul Support has sponsored a MMA fight for the Revolution! A fighter in another event heard about it and wanted Ron Paul Revolution covering the ring. It will be held in Georgia. It will be televised. The hurdle to get it done is 1500 dollars and it will be held in Oct (next month). Would you want to chip in?

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