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Ron Paul National DVD Education Bomb!

Just completed! This new DVD is a compilation of many videos of Ron Paul to educate people specifically about him and his positions.

The DVD is meant for the elderly, non-internet users, people who watch only the mass media and also for gaining supporters.

I've now uploaded all the files including a professionally edited video that anyone can use at no cost. Here is the link:

There's no catch, it's all for free. All you need to do is raise the funds to buy the supplies and make your own.

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Occupy our schools

Weird question but who else thinks this is going to spread to our schools with the message "let our kids learn"?

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Ron's Education Policy! Potentially Earth Shattering!

My proposal is this:

Ron Paul, author a bill that would allow students to liquidate their debt and file for bankruptcy in the same manner a business or individual would. This would lead to fewer "easy" loans being passed out like candy, would encourage kids to go to more affordable schools, and would force schools to compete and lower tuition.

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Ron Paul IS Reliable on Liberty.

Paul talks about the governmental indoctrination centers in this vid:

Do you find either Paul's or my words offensive? Before you open your mouth, maybe you should try opening your mind:

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Obama allowing states to opt-out of No Child Left Behind

Just noticed this article over at CNN.. The day after the Fox/Google debate, where only ONE candidate mentioned No Child Left Behind, if I remember correctly.
Even Obama's getting in on the game of "borrow Ron Paul's ideas and hope nobody notices."

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Stumble for Liberty!

Stumbleupon is a great little addon. I run across so much good stuff using it. It does random searches of the web, pictures, videos, based on your interests.
If you havn't tried it yet, you should.

Another good reason to use it is that you can vote up any Ron Paul stuff you like and that will bring more 'stumblers' to that site.

Here is a video I stumbled across today. Tell me what you think.

Is this what they taught you in school?

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Time gives Ron Paul a 'C' on education.

Grades summary-
Rick Perry: 'C'
Mitt Romney: 'Incomplete'
Jon Huntsman: 'B-'
Michele Bachman: 'F'
Newt Gingrich: 'C-'
Ron Paul: 'C'

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Valedictorian Speaks Out Against School

Our younger generations are getting wise to the BS. This Video really gets good from 3.50 on.

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Sir Ken Robinson on Education - excellent video

Sir Ken Robinson is a real eye-opener on American education and how it's changing. My wife and I are having some issues w/ our kids teachers, mainly dis-respectful to both parents and children. Our educational system is bankrupt, and it completely relates to the teaching establishment trying to keep the status quo! He explains why masters degree students work at starbucks. He explains how our imagination has been destroyed slowly. Sound familiar? In many ways we have a secondary revolution going on now... and this video explains why.

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GREAT Madison speech on "general welfare"

EXCELLENT find on James Madison explaining what government would do if it misinterpreted the "general welfare" wording. This is the PERFECT case that argues what the original intent of "general welfare" was NOT. Great stuff in this whole speech! (6th paragraph even brings up public education). Here's the link for more.

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DailyIowan - Ron Paul Wrong on Constitution (Watch the comments section and laugh hysterically)

Had a good laugh today, reading an article on the Daily Iowan, from a TEACHER!

Yes, apparently Paul knows nothing about the Constitution and the necessary and proper clause... watch the comments section, I think we're at 100 plus now easily enough.

Eric Hoffer

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