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Steve Forbes: Obama, Bernanke must go. Leans to supporting Rick Perry

[Along with predicting a return to the gold standard, looks as if Steve Forbes is practicing the "politics of distraction" by tieing these ideas to Rick Perry]

Steve Forbes to Newsmax: Obama, Bernanke Must Go
Wednesday, 31 Aug 2011 06:03 PM

By Jim Meyers and Kathleen Walter

Former presidential candidate and Forbes magazine editor Steve Forbes tells Newsmax that President Obama’s planned economic reforms are “the definition of insanity” — repeating failed policies in the hopes that somehow they will become successful.

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Wall Street Journal - Greenspan discussed unintended consequences

Since leaving the Fed, Greenspan has been very critical of Central Banking


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GOLD Confiscation! ?

Aaron Task, Yahoo Finance on the John Batchelor Show Yesterday:


Critical part begins at 6:40 mark.

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Bernanke proposes no new steps to boost economy

JACKSON HOLE, Wyo. (AP) — Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke signaled Friday that Congress must do more to promote growth, or risk delaying the economy's return to full health.

Bernanke proposed no new steps by the Fed to boost the economy. But at a time when Congress has been focused on shrinking long-run budget deficits, he warned lawmakers not to "disregard the fragility of the current economic recovery."


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An Alternative Money Bomb

I read something about this a few weeks ago, though I haven't been able to find any more on it since. So today I put it together. I don't know that I'll post any more - I'm really just passing through and leaving this here.


Imagine a hundred people doing this to a hundred notes each... That's 10,000 bills like this floating around. There's another kind of money bomb for ya. ;)

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Ron Paul & Mike Maloney On Gold and Silver (Flashback)

Ron Paul has always been true to himself, principle and ideal. He explains to us the big picture how we affect the world by our monetary policy. And where we are heading. If we could have listen with him back in 2007. We will be in much better shape now and perhaps on our way to recovery. We still have so much thing to do as nation. The better we are informed the better our chances of changing our fate.


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Artist making a huge statement next to the KC Fed

Another example of how the good Doctor's message is becoming mainstream!

He said he managed to round up 117 shipping containers in different colors to make a seven-story stack near the Liberty Memorial. The project, which sits just across the street from the Federal Reserve Building, will soon spell out "USA" on one side and "IOU" on the other.


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Please seriously consider this rebranding effort

can we seriously start a movement to bring ourselves away from the term libertarians.. it is too close to the libertarian party and many of the leftovers who haven't had any success over decades and decades of pining away in a corner that lead to the build of up "libertarians can't win".. there is no need for us to take up the extra work to expel the myths surrounding libertarianism and all the baggage associated with it

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Audit the Fed BOM!

Sign up now. One phonecall per month. Want to do something for Paul but don't have any money? Here's something everybody can do.


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wi gop Website

I was recently on the WI GOP website and I found something very interesting.

If you go to look at: http://www.wisgop.org/platform-resolutions you will find The Republican Party of Wisconsin Platform. It was drafted on May 22, 2010.

As I read the body of the text there were a few "surprising" entries.

I have included a few below.

If these things are not right out of Dr. Paul's playbook and the WI GOP party does not support him, they are hippocrates.


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Silver Circle is HIRING -- work for the End the Fed movement!

About us:

Lineplot is an animation production company in Harvard Square, Cambridge MA. We are hard at work creating a feature-length thriller-romance film, Silver Circle, to be released in late 2011. The film unfolds inside an inflationary economic disaster, dominated by a vast Federal Reserve. In addition to telling a great story, the film will bring free-market and sound-money principles to a wide audience. We have ambitious online marketing plans, with the goal to make this a grassroots-driven hit movie.

Job description:

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Guess How Much Wall Street Borrowed From Fed

From Yahoo Finance:

Provided by Business Insider's Zeke Miller, August 22, 2011:

After months of litigation and an act of Congress, Bloomberg has an exclusive on the massive lending by the Federal Reserve to Wall Street banks during the height of the financial crisis in 2008.

On top of the $160 billion in loans from the Treasury Department, banks — including those based overseas — borrowed $669 billion from the Fed, with the Fed's peak balance at one point reaching a staggering $1.2 trillion.

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Sen Blumenthal on Bernanke -The Fed Needs Help - Ambush Video

Too Funny ... I bumped into Bloomy today at a rest area ... I caught the exchange on video ... I asked him why the Bernanke was stealing all my money ... enjoy


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