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After the "IT" hits the fan, Lessons from Argentina
What happens when banks close, financial systems rupture, and cash becomes incredibly scarce.


The way mankind survived for thousands of years before banks and currency and even coinage.

Popular to contrary myth, barter can take up the slack. In the former Soviet Union fortunes were made trading industrial sized quantities of goods including the output of the entire factories.

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the Real Reason for Iraq, Libya and why Iran, or Syria is next (hint: it's the Fed)

This is the general background information (ignore the presentation):

Then listen to this for more current information:

Then look at these headlines:

General Wesley Clark says that after 9/11 he was presented with a plan to attack "Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Lybia, Somalia, Sudan, Iran"

Tehran (Iran) dumps dollar for euro

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Caucus 2012: Economists debate Paul's gold standard policy


Along with anti-corporate banners, "End the Fed" signs have begun sprouting up at protests in New York and across the country, pushing to get rid of the U.S. Federal Reserve.

But long before anyone ever though to occupy Wall Street, one Iowa caucus candidate was railing against the U.S. central banking system.

U.S. Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas — a high-profile libertarian-Republican in the U.S. House for more than a decade — says the gold standard is the solution to America's growing economic crisis.

"Money comes out with real value," Paul said in an interview with Forbes magazine Editor-in-Chief Steve Forbes in 2010. "[I]f you want to restrain government, you restrain the power to create money."


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My brother's new 30 second Gold and Silver commercial, (he is santa)

Gold - N - Merchant Christmas Commercial

He sells silver for $1.50 over spot for anyone that is friends with me!
So tell Kenny that when you call, you are Brian Frank's friend.

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No Gold In Fort Knox? Brad Meltzer's Decoded on History Channel

Brad Meltzer's Decoded: Fort Knox

The gold at Fort Knox is protected by some of the tightest security in the world, but what if there's nothing there to guard at all? Brad and his team investigate a rumor that some think could damage the American economy.

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Is There Gold in Ft. Knox?

"The History Channel's show "Decoded" recently investigated whether any gold remains in Ft. Knox. Ron Paul is interviewed via email and is represented in a very positive light. Chris Powell of GATA is a featured expert. Precious metal market manipulation is discussed and how governments benefit from it. One of the most powerful moments comes when they ask a waitress who is serving them breakfast if she knows anything about the gold in Ft. Knox. She says that her mom worked there and told her there is no gold in the vaults and that most locals share that view."

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food/gold standard in combination for the capital reform of currency?

Hey guys I don't know if you noticed much or at all but, Roseanne Barr is running for PM of Israel and she has an interesting idea, a food standard currency. Honestly, I've played around with the idea in my head a while back and a food standard all ways seemed like it would work well to restructure capital into the hands of every person. but overheat and cause insane inflation as anyone can print money equivalent to the size of their land requiring that there would therefore be no private property rights possible and that long term habitation of a residence also be an impossibility.

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Greenspan blows the whistle on the FED

This was one of the biggest eye openers for me, I read it about 10 years ago now but thought this might be new for some on here or helpful in convincing others.

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Martin Armstrong Sunday, October 2, 2011

Martin Armstrong: Former Head of Princeton Economics Ltd. - Armstrong began exploring financial panics after witnessing the Crash of 1966. He went on to develop timing models that have been the subject of many press articles - the Economic Confidence Model. Armstrong's discovery of this cycle was called The Secret Cycle by the New Yorker Magazine. This model had stunning accuracy and had pinpointed changes in the economy right to the day.

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Race to Debase 75 Fiat Currencies vs Gold Silver

Welcome back to the Worldwide Fiat Currency Race to Debase!

Rounding out the third quarter of 2011 heading to the finish line for the year, we are again tracking the performance of gold and silver bullion versus 75 different dying fiat currencies around the world.

Through the 3rd quarter of 2011 gold appears to be running away with another annual victory in value!

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New song I just wrote "Too Many Washintons"

This is a song I just wrote today and I hope to record it soon. I thought I would put the lyrics up here and see what you all thought and what you get out of it because it has multiple meanings. Ron Paul 2012!

I hear it all the time

we're approaching the end of the line

and I'm one of those who agree

the numbers are there for those with willing eyes to see

I understand why some may argue the case

they're the fools to blame for everything that's taking place

they turn their backs to the wall

and it's enough for me to say to hell with it all

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Old Ronald Reagan Campaign Ad: "I will bring back the gold standard"

Ronald Reagan's presidential campaign ad which explains the damage caused by the government's decision to stop tying the dollar to gold. Reagan states firmly that gold-backed currency was the only way to restore price stability and end inflation.

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Who is Dick Eastman?

Someone sent me this YouTube video about: Answering the Defenders of Peter Schiff, Austrain Economics and great hyperinflation hoax

I do not agree with the author of this video. I am curious. Who is Dick Eastman? Why is he bad mouthing Austrian Economics and gold?

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The United States vs. The Weimar Republic: We live in dangerous times!

I made this poster warning about the dangers of inflation by comparing the inflation of The Weimar Republic in the early 20's with the inflation of the US Dollar the last 40 years in relation to gold:

Please share!

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