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Angry Cop Accosts Visitor To 9/11 Memorial For Taking Photographs

Like other public spaces in New York City, it's perfectly legal to take photos at the National 9/11 Memorial. And, like other public space in New York City, some cops will try to tell you otherwise. Meredith Dodson, a Georgia native who relocated to Bed-Stuy six months ago, visited the memorial on September 22nd, and had such a disturbing encounter with an NYPD officer that she was reduced to tears.


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Somebody goofed on designing the Fox News 2012 Candidate Tracker.

While they have Rick Perry in the middle, Ron Paul's far left photo was the first to grab my attention, and I wasn't even expecting to see him posted.

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Ron Paul Photos

I have been trying to gather and post as many photos as possible to the NH TV station site as well as FLICKR on Ron's official site.

I am not sure if these two sites are linked right now but hope they will be if not.

The WMUR slide show takes longer to get posted as they must be approved, but there are some different ones there as well starting with the first fundraiser at the houseparty in Pembroke.

Slideshow here

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Sharing the Ron Paul Experience!

Dear Friends,

Even if you do not live in NH where Ron will be doing heavy campaigning or one of the other early states and thus cannot get to meet Ron, we want you to live vicariously through us!

Thus I invite everyone and anyone who has photos to upload them to Ron's space on FLICKR as well as the NH television station's website for Ron, WMUR-TV where the locals who don't know about Ron can see his events.

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Video and Photos of Ron Paul Events

If you have video or audio of any of these events, please post.

Tuesay, June 5 - Ron on NHPR's 'Exchange' Show with Laura Knoy:

This was a fantastic hour-long interview..Great job Laura!

Tuesay, June 5 - Ron at the NH GOP debates and Murphy's Taproom afterward. - If you have any video or photos of the rally or reception afterward, please consider posting to Ron's page on WMUR:

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