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Mike Maloney - Up Close and Personal - Why he hopes Ron Paul won't be president

Okay, this is the best reason I've heard for why Ron Paul should not win: if the collapse comes while he's in office, capitalism, libertarianism, and Ron Paul will get the blame. It's one that worries me.

Mike Maloney says he loves Ron Paul, but that's what he fears.

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Flash!! Feds May Seize 'Liberty Dollars'

Feds May Seize 'Liberty Dollars'

Coin World reports that the feds are looking to seize liberty dollars from collectors and those using the coins instead of inflation-ridden Federal Reserve notes.

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Gold=Money? Bernanke No, Greenspan Yes

Dateline August 25, 2011

Former Federal Reserve boss Alan Greenspan made headlines this week when he said gold is indeed a currency and noted that the euro was falling apart, contradicting top officials on both sides of the Atlantic.

“Gold, unlike all other commodities, is a currency,” he told attendees at a conference in Washington D.C. on August 23, saying he did not think the precious metal was in a bubble despite recently reaching a new record above $1900. And a flight to safety amid inflation fears is what’s causing soaring gold prices.

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Video on what Libya was like before NATO attack

I just saw this on facebook. What do you think?

I wonder if all of these statistics and statements on how their government operated under Quadafi are true?

This video seems to take a very utopian view of Libya and I don't buy that this socialism would have held up in the long term.

But the absence of a Rothschild owned Central bank and the fact that Quadafi wanted to go to the African Gold Dinar certainly seem to be the real reason we/NATO attacked Libya.

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Why the Establishment MUST be pro-war

I know I am going to ruffle some feathers here, and I am sorry if this post upsets you. I thought I would share my thoughts on why the wars are necessary economically even if we accept their is no strategic or material benefit.

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Ron Paul, Master Investor?

Jason Raznick, Contributor

Barron’s Jim McTague recently wrote an article highlighting GOP presidential contender Ron Paul’s investing strategy. Not surprisingly, the Texas Congressman has whipped the markets with his stock picks, which consist primarily of buying precious metals miners. The author of the Barron’s piece, hilariously, contends that Paul follows a “stopped clock” investment strategy which “finally seems to be paying off.” While he certainly is a long-term investor who rarely buys or sells, the idea that Paul’s strategy is all of a sudden paying off is ridiculous.

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Ron Paul Revolution Radio M/W/F 3-5pm CEN on AFR!

Just thought I would let you guys know our network has a new show starting on Mon Aug 29th! Listen in as we spread the message of Ron Paul to a worldwide audience!

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"There They Go Again:" Peter Schiff Reviews Ron Paul's Investments; 600% Returns!

There They Go Again
Peter Schiff
Posted Aug 25, 2011


Now the media is even impugning what should be seen as the Congressman's most successful accomplishment: the performance of his investment portfolio.

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QL Exchange gold and silver

hey just recieved an email about this QL Exchange. They supposedly are in the gold and silver market, has anyone here heard of them? If so can you tell me anything about them, is it legit?

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Dick Morris is a Monetary Moron

This past Wednesday night on the O'Reilly Factor, Bill brought on Dick Morris, former political strategist to the Clinton Administration and frequent Fox News guest, for a discussion of Ron Paul and his bid for the presidency. Bill and Dick took turns dismissing the candidate, and Dick revealed his stunning ignorance of economics when the subject of the gold standard arises.

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Need a review of my explanation of the economy

As many of you know, I'm attempting to put together a way for people who don't know all of the 'technical terms' that RP uses in his campaign, to understand them easier, and understand his platform on a layman's terms level. I'm doing this over at

The site has had a lot of hits since I launched it a few days ago, so the interest is obviously there.

1 vote's Alex Pareene distorting Ron Paul's stance on the issues

I think the title pretty much explains it. He's giving a "worse case scenario" of a Ron Paul presidency. Can we blow up his comments section and correct the misinformation he's spreading? Here's the link to the article:

I'm not familiar with fair use laws otherwise I would've posted an excerpt.

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