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Perry comes under fire at the CNN/Tea Party Debate

In the 60 seconds it took to write this, they've went and changed "the debate"

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Louis Farrakhan gives a shout out to Ron Paul "who is like a man crying in the wilderness"

just ran across this today - Louis Farrakhan talks about the Federal Reserve, the national debt and mentions Ron Paul (@2:52).

He also talks about the ADL, CFR, Bilderburg, NWO, Trilaterial Commission, Lehman Brothers, AIG, Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs, etc.

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Council on Foreign Relations Information

This may be redundant, but needs to be proliferated and discussed:

[sarcasm]Yeah...I guess it's that pesky sovereignty that's keeping us down. It would sure be nice if the world were one big, happy country![/sarcasm]

Face it, folks...we're one hurricane away from King George making this a reality. I don't recall a referendum or public dabate on these issues. Are we going to let this happen?

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