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Wells Fargo to Charge $3/Month to use Debit Cards

A new report emerged Tuesday that Wells Fargo (WFC) will begin charging some customers $3 every month to use their debit card -- further indication that banks are putting on the squeeze as new swipe-card regulations are set to take effect.

Can The Political System Be Fixed?

Aside from books and the internet, important realtime insights and outlooks are available through specific paid subscriptions. Joel Skousen's World Affairs Brief is one of several I track; it is also one that often contains reporting on Ron Paul and related subjects. Here is another relevant article/excerpt, from the latest weekly report.

The article below is reprinted with permission, from the October 12, 2007 edition Joel Skousen's World Affairs Brief.

Why Support Ron Paul If He Can't Win?

Some will be offended by the title and may disagree with a few statements within. But this is an important, informed perspective and merits a larger audience; I think it is fitting for The Daily Paul. Before judging, a full read is recommended.

“…our real purpose in fighting a strategic battle (with losing odds) is to use the existing and ongoing crisis to help others see the evils of false conservative causes, and false leaders (wolves in sheep's clothing) and the hijacking of true principles for evil purposes.”

Manipulating America's Choice for President

The article below is reprinted with permission, from the June 22 , 2007 edition Joel Skousen's World Affairs Brief.


Rigged Debates, Jailed Reporters

Mainstream Media (MSM) is a tool; the threat is to the status quo. Most Americans no doubt believe we still live in a Republic and most certainly do not understand the extent to which the MSM controlled. Ron Paul brings this reality to foreground; that, I believe, is much of the significance of his campaign for president.

- from Jackson Brown's 'Lives In The Balance'
"They sell us the President the same way
They sell us our clothes and our cars
They sell us every thing from youth to religion
The same time they sell us our wars"

All Out War on Ron Paul

Knowing these attacks would come is no consolation when they finally arrive in full force. We are entering a new era where the Nationalist is exalted and the Patriot is denounced. Another signpost on the ‘road to hell’ I guess. Again, I am posting an article by Joel Skousen in the category I inadvertently (yet aptly) created; business as usual.
- the stranger

Media Manipulation Against The Ron Paul Candidacy

In my last post here in February, I reprinted the Joel Skousen article UNDERMINING THE CANDIDACY OF RON PAUL. I haven’t checked back since. Careful not get caught in politics at this stage of the great game. Careful not to admire Ron Paul more that I already did. Careful not to read any more articles by Ron Paul’s grandson, lest I grow to like him as well.


The article below is reprinted with permission, from Joel Skousen's World Affairs Brief; from the February 23, 2007 edition World Affairs Brief.

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