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CNN removes Ron Paul sign from newsroom wall!

Ok, after verifying today what I noticed yesterday, CNN has taken down the Ron Paul 2008 campaign poster from their "CNN=Politics" newsroom. Granted, it was about 80% obscured by a computer monitor, but still...WTF???

Anyone else notice that?

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Ron Paul Interview W / Wolf Blitzer CNN - 10/6/11

Ron Paul Interview W / Wolf Blitzer CNN Today 4pm ET

Congressman Ron Paul will interview with Wolf Blitzer on CNN Thursday, October 6th. Show airs at 4:00 Eastern.

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ron paul on wolf blitzer Now!!

Anybody catch it? Wolf said an overwhelming majority want to tax the rich. Ron responded that is showed why a pure democracy was dangerous.

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ALERT: Ron Paul on CNN (Wolf Blitzer) in 4pm-6pm slot (EST)

To be interviewed by Blitzer.

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James Carville just made a prophetic statement

Anyone else just hear Carville on CNN saying something to the effect of "Something totally different is coming... I don't know what it is, but it's coming." ???

That sure sounded like a plug for us, albeit delivered as a forewarning, to these ears...

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CNN Broadcast

right now CNN is broadcasting Live: Newt on one channnel, Ron Paul another another. difference is Dr. Paul's has no sound. surprised?

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BLACKOUT The Mainstream Media Day

Not sure if this was thought up before... In wake of the mainstream media (CNN,FOX,NBC, etc.) treating Ron Paul unfairly I think we should schedule a day where we turn off all of our tvs at once and not give them views. I believe if we can get their views to drop significantly it will send an impact on them. Not only that but also email their advertisers as a heads up (e.g. maybe suggesting that Ron Paul should have adequate time during the debates in the emails, Doesn't he deserve it?). Hopefully this will encourage them to allocate more time to Ron Paul.

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Rand Paul on CNN John King

Talking about FEMA and govt shutdown.

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Iranian Navy - Is CNN downplaying the situation or is Fox creating undue fear?

Fox and CNN tell two very different stories.

Either CNN went out to find the most dismissive Pentagon spokesman possible, or Fox News is intentionally leaving out the insignificance of this "threat".

Maybe it's both?

You Decide:

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Gold and CNN

I was working out today and got my over consumption of CNN International at the gym. One thing I noticed was that CNN was going out of its way to show the gold price. Before and after each commercial for the hour I was in the gym, they threw the price of gold up on the screen, nothing else, just GOLD and a huge red arrow pointing down. It was very strange. It definitely felt like they were cheer-leading the price down. Obviously the talk of the day was Greece, but it seemed the second fabricated "story" of the day was the gold price decline. It made me want to run and buy more....

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CNN Host has Flashing Boobies

File this under Media Tricks.

Not sure CNN Host has Flashing Boobies then watch this

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Comic Relief - CNN Screws Up Big Time

CNN makes one of the most embarrassing blunders. Too Funny!
50 second video:

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Paul going back up on airwaves with million dollar buy

Paul going back up on airwaves with million dollar buy

Washington (CNN) - Rep. Ron Paul is once again doing what the other presidential campaigns apparently are not doing: Spending lots money to run commercials on broadcast and cable television.

Basically, because its CNN, it seems as though they are trying to say, Ron Paul is spending campaign donors money frivolously on commercial Ads or buying votes somehow... "Million Dollar Buy" Whatever...

Full Article:

Ron Paul Ad:

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7:51 AM, CNN News Update Mentions Romney, Perry - no Ron Paul.

News announcer says something like, "In new NH poll Rick Perry behind Romney" then adds that Romney is 27% ahead of his "closest opponent" who is Ron Paul but was not mentioned.

Mention Perry, mention Romney, ignore Paul.

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