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Iowa State Daily: Under Paul presidency, welfare programs safe for those already dependent

Hey everyone--I'm a regular at RPF's and the author of this excellent article on Ron Paul can be helped with some traffic:

He had this to say in appreciation on RonPaulForums:


Thanks again for the positive attention on the article! It hasn't made the Daily Paul yet, and I expect the website hits will spike when it does. As always, don't forget to comment, re-tweet and recommend. In a web driven world these things are prime indicators of journalistic success for editors.

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Phone Polls are Obsolete, Ron Paul is the Real Front Runner

This is inspired by a great comment left on the sunshinenews website announcing the Iowa and New Hampshire Primary Polls.

by Richard "These where Phone polls of people registered Rep. Only old people have phones now adays everyone uses a cell and most people dont answer random calls. These polls show nothing because of the out dated system used to track results.

Ron Paul is the real front runner, only one i hear every one talking about and supporting.

Ron Paul 2012!! "

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NBC Marist polls Paul third in Iowa and second in NH

Romney took 23 percent in Iowa followed by Cain with 20 percent. U.S. Rep. Ron Paul of Texas placed third with 11 percent while Gov. Rick Perry of Texas and U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota -- both of whom had led the pack in past Iowa polls -- were knotted together in fourth place with 10 percent each.

Romney did much better in New Hampshire, taking 44 percent followed by Cain and Paul tied for second with 13 percent. Perry followed with 6 percent and former Gov. Jon Huntsman of Utah took fifth with 5 percent.

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Ron Paul Watch with Ron Paul, Presidential Candidate: Day 26

Joyous news! We received word from the Ron Paul campaign that our man in Texas has been crowned the homecoming king of the University of Iowa, essentially!

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Haha! NYT is a joke! Analysis of Iowa is a complete joke.

Check out this NYT article on Iowa:

In Iowa, Religious Right Is Now a Force Divided

In the entire article the author mentions Ron Paul once, as an afterthought. Once!
That's after he's endorsed by more members of the central committee than any other candidate, and after being ranked second in the Iowa Independent Power Ranking.

Here's the note I wrote to the author:

Mr. Gabriel,

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Iowa Caucus

I believe the Iowa Caucus is a closed primary open only to registered Republicans. If this is the there any specific date that you must be a registered Republican by in order to participate in the caucus?

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Iowa Caucus moved to January 3, 2012

The Republican Central Committee for Iowa, as we all should know, has many members who've endorsed Ron Paul for President.

Why is this important? See the above article.

January 3 will be host to a number of College Bowl games.

Why is this important? In Iowa, there is no professional football team and so college football takes on a whole new level of importance, far more than caucusing.

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5 questions . for Ron Paul

1. You voted for the initial Afghanistan invasion, targeting those who attacked the U.S. on 9/11. Many people view you as a complete pacifist. Are those people correct or is your foreign policy view misunderstood?

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Snell "Ron Paul presents honesty, sincerity"

A great article about Ron Paul and the marvel of a person he is.
Only the first in a series!

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"I believe in Ron Paul Because Ron Paul believes in me" Beautiful Article from Iowa Send to all

This actually gave me tears....

"none of the campaigns or supporters seem to love their guy like the folks pulling for Paul. A young girl stood up before the whole crowd prior to the congressman's speech and read a report she wrote for her grade school class on her hero, Ron Paul. Her message: I believe in Ron Paul because he believes in me. Powerful stuff."

Full article:

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Gathering the Grassroots in Iowa

I've got a few more meet-ups scheduled in Iowa to sync up the grassroots supporters with the official campaign. The effort is to find precinct leaders to speak on behalf of Ron Paul at the local caucuses and to organize phone banking for voter identification (and then door-to-door resource spreading...i.e. lawn signs).

Des Moines Oct. 6th:

Ames Oct. 13th:

Ames Oct. 18th:

Go on facebook and tell your friends in Iowa, that if they haven't gone to a meet-up yet they should attend one of these. We can give them direction for the next 3 months on how to best help out the campaign.

My efforts in Iowa will be recorded in my next entry of "The Ron Paul Road Warrior":

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State Republican leader James Mills endorses Ron Paul

Some more great news for Ron Paul's Iowa campaign:

"Iowa Republican State Central Committee member James Mills has endorsed Ron Paul, according to a press release from the congressman’s presidential campaign....

"Paul has been endorsed by more members of the Republican Party of Iowa’s State Central Committee than any other candidate seeking the presidency, according to the release"(Stegmeir,

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Bachmann Out Before Voting Begins? Time To Reach Out

Looks like Bachmann might be running out of money:

Is it time to reach out to her supporters? We can easily win Iowa if we can get a majority of her supporters, granted she drops out before voting begins. We were also talking about how if a candidate drops out, any delegates they win can change their vote at the convention, should we start asking her supporters to back Paul as their second choice if she drops out before the convention?

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