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James Carville just made a prophetic statement

Anyone else just hear Carville on CNN saying something to the effect of "Something totally different is coming... I don't know what it is, but it's coming." ???

That sure sounded like a plug for us, albeit delivered as a forewarning, to these ears...

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Does The President Have The Right To Order The Assassination of An American Citizen Without Charge or Trial?


That's the big question right now after Obama ordered the killing of Awlaki.

It is going to be a huge issue in 2012.

It could very well be THE issue that decides the republican nomination.

If so, Ron Paul just won the election.

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Winning the Republican nomination. Not that hard actually.

The nomination of the republican candidate isn't really complicated. However it is critical that the idea of Ron Paul being president has to be in the general mind of the population. It is more specifically critical to be involved in your local GOP. Even if you are in a state that lets anyone vote in the R primary/caucus. There are most likely auto-delegates that will be at the national convention. Mostly county chairmen, etc. They are easily swayed when people want to help the local GOP.

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Boston Globe:Ron Paul set to be spoiler

McALLEN, Texas—Ron Paul, antagonist of the Federal Reserve and advocate for the gold standard, probably won't capture the Republican presidential nomination. But with his libertarian leanings energizing a small though growing group of passionate conservatives, the quirky Texas congressman is proving to be a force in the 2012 contest.

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O'Reilly's Awlaki poll

As everyone on the DP is probably aware, Dr. Paul has been getting hit HARD over his dedicated libertarian stance on the constitutionality of killing a citizen without a trial, even if he is a "terrorist." Bill O'Reilly has been leading the charge against legitimizing Dr. Paul's campaign, actively denouncing any attempts at reasonable and logical debate surrounding the candidacy. On his site, he posted a poll that reads as follows:

"Congressman Ron Paul criticized the Obama administration for "assassinating" U.S.-born Anwar al-Awlaki with a drone attack. Where do you stand?"

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How many here ran for office?

We have quite a varied group on DailyPaul. I used to assume that it's very rare to run for public office, and only the well-connected life-long politicians need apply.

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A Little Rant about a Fair Fight

Ya know, I'm fine with competition. I look forward to it. Besting your opponent, beating them to the finish line, all because you had what it took to win. That's American.

However, what I've seen in elections isn't what I would call competition or American. They've pulled out every stop so far in their nasty little playbook to marginalize Dr.Paul and I'm sick of it.

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Charlotte Observer Poll

Article extolls the virtues of Perry & Bachmann -ugh

Attached Poll has Ron Paul in the lead...


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Elections in Russia

Here is an excellent article paraphrased from The Week Magazine, commenting about a piece in this Month's Economist Magazine. Does this political charade ring a bell to anyone?

Russia: Keeping up the sham of elections
The draconian response shows that Putin “is spooked by the slightest competition,” said an Editorial at The Economist.
The Economist (U.K.)

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Florida GOP to move primaries forward to late January.

The Florida GOP more than likely pushed by the federal GOP has moved their primaries forward to late January. I think they feel that they can steal Dr. Paul's thunder due to his 5th place finish, and in doing so stomp out any chance of momentum he would have placing in the top three in Iowa. This is the first trick up their sleeve, so do we need to go to work in Florida? I am sure in the other Southern states Dr. Paul will not fair well, but it appears that Iowa has countered by moving their primaries up to around New Years. Anyone else smell the stink from this?

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Ron Paul 2012 Store - Anyone having problems getting merchandise they bought?

Is anyone else experiencing issues getting their merchandise they ordered from the RonPaul2012.com site? I always have to call weeks later to find out where my stuff is! This has happened several times already. You would think that the campaign would want to get these materials out as quickly as possible for visibility. :) thanks.

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