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Mitt Romney vs Ron Paul for GOP Nomination ? The State Column

Nice article. I would be happy if this happened. If only the media stopped the brainwashing of Ron being electable, they would realize that probably Ron is the only electable candidate against Obama !

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DRUDGE: Christie reaffirms he is not running

Headline on Drudge to a yahoo article in which Christie, while speaking at Reagan library, reaffirmed he will not be running for President.


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The Plus-One Project: A simple way to help Ron Paul win

Want to help Ron Paul win the Republican primary? Here is something really simple:

Bring just one person into the Ron Paul voter base. I call it the plus-one project.

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Harris Poll: Paul beats Obama 51-49

UPDATE: Now linked on DRUDGE.

The Good Doctor is getting his due...

By Greg McDonald | News Max

"Mitt Romney stands the best chance among Republican presidential contenders of beating President Barack Obama in next year’s election, according to a new Harris Interactive poll released Tuesday.

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INTERESTING=>Are young voters too blind to see the problem?


The youth who seem to support Obama, are the same that will carry the debt/spending burden. They appear to be unconcerned about the consequences of excessive big GOV spending.

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Why Not Michele Bachmann (In 60 Seconds)

Why Not Michele Bachmann (In 60 Seconds):


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Here's an idea

I ordered food at a take out place in Hollywood and when they asked for a name I said "Ron Paul"...so when the food was ready they said "order for Ron Paul", people turned to look and saw my button...may be something we can do to at least make sure the name gets heard.

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If Ron increases 1% weekly in polls, he'll have about 30% GOP support by year-end; add Antiwar Liberals & Independents & he wins

It can happen! And, Ron Paul can beat Obama. It's our job to help the polls go up by telling friends and family that Ron is in solid third place and can win with their help. All they can do is say no. Most of mine are saying yes!

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Saturday Night Live-Republican GOP Debate-We have a Ron Paul Character.

OK. So, of course it made fun of him. But, the sketch made fun of everyone. If letting cute puppies die in a fire is the best they got, I take it as a win.


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America Needs A Doctor! New Ron Paul 2012 Video.

I hadnt seen this video posted any where on here., I watch a lot of Youtube video's and thought this one was pretty cool. So I am sharing. sorta new to computers and forums so not sure if im doing this right. Apologize in advance if I screw it up.


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Yahoo Post-Debate Poll VOTE!


It should be on the right column

Paul is beating mittens by a small margin

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Ron Paul has to take out Rick Perry

If Ron Paul is going to win this election he has to do things to convince mainstream Republicans why they should support him

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