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Washington Post - Why Ron Paul is winning the GOP primary

Just 15 seconds into a question-and-answer session with reporters Wednesday morning, Ron Paul found a way to work in a mention of the Austrian School of economics.

From there, he moved inexorably through the Paul oeuvre: the need for the gold standard, the problem with energy-efficient light bulbs, why Greece should declare bankruptcy, why Grover Cleveland was his favorite president, and how our economy is collapsing “just like the Soviet system.”


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3 Minutes To Learn All You Need To Know About The Real Rick Perry (VIDEO)






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End Game For Lying Rick Perry (video)

This is my video of Rick Perry getting caught lying about his support for TARP. The MSM is not doing it's job. Please share-- make it go viral. Thanks.


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Ron Paul Can Win

Excellent article on shifting political winds from Robin Koerner at the Daily Capitalist


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Ron Paul & the Great Progressive Myth (Healthcare)

America got a perfect exposition of the great progressivist myth in the September 12 CNN/Tea Party Presidential debate. The great progressivist myth is this: If government doesn't do it, then it won't happen. If the government doesn't do it, it doesn't count. If a person is against government intervening, he therefore must favor the ends the liberal or progressive claims will happen without government intervention. In short, the great progressivist myth is that you either favor government intervention, or you are an awful person who wants some horrible consequence.

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The best thing you can do for ron paul

the most important thing you can do for ron pauls campaign is go here

and join the phone from home progam it saves ron,s campaign alot of money and time so please volunteer and be lend a serious hand in the campaign for liberty!

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Perry, Romney, Paul : Gallup Numbers Show GOP Nomination is a Three Way Race

Perry, Romney, Paul : Gallup Numbers Show GOP Nomination is a Three Way Race

A new Gallup poll indicates clearly, perhaps for the first time, that the GOP 2012 presidential race now consists of just three candidates – Rick Perry, Mitt Romney and Ron Paul.
The nomination preference survey, conducted over the past weekend, found that Perry, Romney and Paul are the only three candidates with any realistic chance of growing their campaigns at this time.


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Paul @ 13% in latest USA Today/Gallup poll




--Much better than the two other most recent polls that had Paul at 5% and 8%. Paul's average is ~ 9.8%. However, I'm not seeing the details of this poll, so it's hard to say who exactly was polled. I would suspect, though, as with any official poll, that his numbers are actually a fair amount higher than indicated because they most often fail to take into account the younger demographic, which is supposedly Paul's strongest demographic. (Hey, I'm just 21 myself!)

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Maybe Dr. Paul Should Ask?

I just saw this article, and thought "Hmmm, maybe Dr. Paul should ask for his endorsement. They are both certainly straight-shooters, and Joe Arpaio seems to be one who can see through all the crap!


Any ideas on how to get this to happen? (IMHO)This would be a good one!

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You know it and I know it.

Lets be real, we all know the next american monument will be built in Ron Paul's name. Lets have fun and design it beforehand.

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Ron Paul receives twice as much in military donations as all other GOP candidates combined!

Despite the mainstream media’s intentional disregard of Rep. Ron Paul as a top-tier Republican presidential candidate, widespread evidence of his popularity is apparent. On Saturday, the Texas Congressman won a landslide victory in the California Republican Party straw poll, a feat which continues to be ignored by the media. Likewise, military donation receipts for Republican candidates for the second quarter of this year reveal that Paul has received twice as much money from military members as all other GOP presidential candidates combined.

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Washington Times: Ralph Nader to Challenge Barack Obama in Democratic Primaries

Liberals vow to challenge Obama in Democratic primaries
By Seth McLaughlin | The Washington Times

Monday, September 19, 2011

President Obama’s smooth path to the Democratic nomination may have gotten rockier Monday, after a group of liberal leaders, including former presidential candidate Ralph Nader, announced plans to challenge the incumbent in primaries next year.

The group said the goal is to offer up a handful of candidates from various fields and areas where the president either has failed to stake out a “progressive” position or where he has “drifted toward the corporatist right.”

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Ron Paul and My Son

Today my 11 year old son's teacher in social studies decided to have a conversation about the upcoming election and the candidates in the election. They talked for a while but never brought up Ron Paul. So my son raised his hand and said "What about Ron Paul?" She then made the statement that Ron Paul didn't have a real chance of winning and moved on to other candidates. So as of tomorrow my son is taking a message to her. He put a RON PAUL 2012 Bumper Sticker on his Social Studies Book Cover and is going to keep it there all year. Tomorrow he is simplly going to approach her and say.

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Chicago Tribune: Why Obama should not run in 2012

Why Obama should withdraw
Steve Chapman is a Tribune columnist

Steve Chapman

September 18, 2011
When Ronald Reagan ran for re-election in 1984, his slogan was "Morning in America." For Barack Obama, it's more like midnight in a coal mine.

The sputtering economy is about to stall out, unemployment is high, his jobs program may not pass, foreclosures are rampant and the poor guy can't even sneak a cigarette.

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