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Wikipedia has deleted Cumulative Republican Straw Poll results from it's website

Straw polls for the Republican Party presidential primaries, 2012 ... schedule and Cumulative results through Sept 17, 2011 ... Dr. Paul is leading with 19.74% ... this is the poll we need to spread around!!!

Update... 2 weeks ago the cumulative straw poll results graph was posted by now it is gone.


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What it's like to read a Ron Paul article

I know I'm gonna to get a lot of emails for this, but Mitt Romney and Rick Perry should run as third party candidates.

Presidential hopefuls Mitt Romney and Rick Perry have really no chance at being president. Both candidates have extreme views not typically held by conservative voters. They both endorse socialized medicine, welfare, and federal mandates. Although they have a strong media following, it may not be enough to reach a mainstream conservative audience.

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Moneybomb SMS to "on the fence" supporters

In support of the moneybomb I will be sending out the following text to anyone in my contacts list who I have spoken about politics with:

Ron Paul, the REAL frontrunner; support RISING! MONEYBOMB TODAY FTW @ RONPAUL2012.com - Peace, Liberty & Prosperity - Not Convinced? Visit "bit.ly/nxgYEE"

Spread the word!

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Tom Selleck

Tom Selleck maybe someone to get a hold of for our movement.

This is a quote from him,I had no clue he had these views.

I'm a registered independent with a lot of libertarian leanings." -- Tom Selleck on National Review Online (May 29, 2004)

Here is the article I found on line.

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New Video "Change History - Ron Paul 2012"

I just made a new video with an epic feel to appeal to people who feel the problems are so big we can't just vote, we need to change history.

Change History Ron Paul 2012

Feedback welcome so I can improve it.

And for the record we need to change history no less.

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2012: The Crossroads of Human History?

Is it just me, or does the epic battle between good and evil seem to be coming to a head?

America is still lucky enough to have a choice in 2012.

Our country - and the world is at a cosmic crossroads in time and space.

As above, so below as the witches say....

We can choose freedom and liberty, or we can go back to the good old days of the horse and plow.

I am worried about 2012 because it feels as if this is our last chance. 2016? Too late to the date, Sweet 16.

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I am very optimistic about Ron Paul's prospects

Look I am very pro Ron´s ideas and that ofc is the most important thing here.

At the last election I was very hopeful into the end, but as I look at it now, Ron Paul or his ideas are so much more popular/influential now.

I think as I said back then is keep doing what you are doing, cause it is working. That said the morons that be, will use the media to ignore or if that does not work to attack Ron Paul.

Now anyone who has followed this knows this. Expect more exclusions, negativity etc. So since you know this all you need to do is hammer away and keep supporting this amazing man.

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Ron Paul Can't Win? Video Showing People Spontaneously Picking up a Burning Car

Inspirational video about what ordinary people can do without any prompting.

Ron Paul can't win? Watch this.


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Why Not Mitt Romney (In 60 Seconds)

Why Not Mitt Romney (In 60 Seconds):


Why not to vote for Mitt Romney in 2012. Please "like" and share with your friends. Spread the word!

Subscribe to DavidKretzmann at http://youtube.com/DavidK...

For Liberty!

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NY election: Why weren't the Dems allowed to just appoint somebody to Weiner's seat?

Why did it need to go up for election?
..Trying to understand how this works.

I ask because it worked differently in this situation--there was another House seat up for election tonight in Nevada. It was vacant because the Republican who held it was appointed to a Senate seat in May that was vacant because the Republican Senator resigned because of a sex scandal.

So, in the latter, the seat was allowed to be kept via an appt by the same party, whereas in the former, in the same situation (ie. a resignation), it wasn't. What gives?

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Question about the Tea Party and Ron Paul

I'm sorry if I'm posting a question that has been asked already but if it has I haven't been able to find it. I'm pretty new to politics in general so I'm sorry if this question is redundant. My question is: Why doesn't the tea party support Ron Paul for the presidency in 2012? This quote comes off the official Tea Party website.

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Perry Pontifications To Dr. Paul.

Please share to we can expose the fake conservative Rick Perry


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A Good Way DailyPaul Users Can Help Ron Paul Win

My Fellow Supporters of Liberty,

It is clear that the media is against us. It is clear that the corporations are against us, and it is clear that this evil system will not go down without a fight. Our movement by many is considered "revolutionary", as we wish to move away from the direction our country has been headed in, and closer towards what the founding fathers intended for us.

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