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They keep tryin' but it ain't workin' too well.

CNN Front Page Quick vote:

Did Rick Perry's debate performance solidify his front-runner status for the GOP presidential nomination?

No 77%

Yes 23%

Total votes: 74713

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Message to Ron Paul Campaign: How to win the Warmonger Neocons, especially after the CNN/Teaparty Debate!

Ok if you want to win their votes WHILE maintaining your integrity (which is a given, naturally) you need to STOP saying 9/11 was a result of US foreign policy or that we invited 9/11 upon us. I know we did, trust me, but hang in for a second.

INSTEAD, you need to ride the anti-Washington wave and start emphasizing it is the result of Washington D.C. using our military unconstitutionally which aided to out of control spending. As you once said, "We get out marching orders from the constitution." And what's more, we have to borrow from China to do it! This will make them think twice.

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Are there any contests going on yet for car wraps or signs in yards?

I remember last time some of us used cars to help get the word out about Ron Paul-car wraps work also the colored chalk. Also I was wondering if folks are putting out the signs in yards-the typical campaign signs are good, but it would grab attention better if folks also make up their own signs, huge signs along busy highways would really help.

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Youth for Ron Paul 2012

PLEASE support CONNOR CORZINE in Boca Raton to lead a Youth Chapter in South Florida!


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Demint praises Romney

Demint says, 'Romney has been the most consistent in his positions'


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Meet The Press: Alternate Nominating Convention In All 50 States For 2012 (s)Election.

On 'Meet The Press' 9/4/11, political strategist Mark McKinnon mentioned that there will be an alternate nominating convention in all 50 states next year.

Here is the hulu video, forward to 12:25. Link.

McKinnon - former adviser to George W. Bush, Sarah Palin, John McCain, Ann Richards, and of course Bono.

McKinnon has a political organization called 'No Labels'. Amazing list of 'floundering leaders' - Link.

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So what was the big announcement?

I drove all the way down from Cleveland, got out at work at midnight and drove all night to see him at the SC Marriot. It was cool seeing all the different types of people attend, especially the families with children holding his signs.

It was first my time seeing him speak in person, it was empowering!


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Fmr. Bush Aide Says Chris Christe Actively Considering Getting In The Race

Mediaite: Fmr. Bush Aide Says Chris Christe Actively Considering Getting In The Race

After suggesting the current Republican primary field is a weak one, former Bush speechwriter Michael Gerson claimed that New Jersey governor Chris Christie is strongly considering a presidential run of his own, despite his many public statements to the contrary.

More at Mediaite

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"Paid Programing: Is that the best way to get the word out?"

We all know how hard it is for Ron Paul to get his ideas across to a publicly schooled, brainwashed populace where the schools are set up to bring up good little subjects who look to the State to be the central planner. OK.... I am sitting here, it is 9:00 a.m. And I am watching CNBC.

Paid programming ALL DAY. Why doesn't the campaign take advantage of this and let Ron Paul do infomercials? Get judge Napolitano to be the interviewer. I am watching infomercials coming on here like clean with steam, perfect boobs?, etc,etc. I feel this would be a great way for Ron to follow up on questions in debates where there is no time to explain your position.

I am watching an infomercial on the nuwave oven right now. It can not be that expensive. A am sure with one money bomb, we could raise enough money to fund one of these for one hour every Saturday.

What do you guys think?

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Nader proposes new model to challenge Obama, threatens to throw primary process into chaos

Nader proposes new model to challenge Obama, threatens to throw primary process into chaos

Consumer advocate Ralph Nader, whose third-party presidential candidacy some Democrats credited with handing the 2000 election to George W. Bush, has a new model for challenging President Obama from the left in 2012.

Nader proposes to assemble a large group of Democratic candidates to take Obama to task on a variety of issues.

The press would ignore one lesser-known candidate, Nader told The Daily Caller, but an unorthodox “slate” of candidates would attract more attention.

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