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The Daily Divide on The Daily Paul

After spending much time on a thread from yesterday (fastest-way-to-turn-possible-supporters-off), I have come to a realization that I thought might be interesting to share. The Daily Paul, in general, serves two purposes. 1) A forum to help get Ron Paul elected. 2) A forum to openly share and discuss any thoughts, ideas, ideologies and theories. I have always just figured that everyone on this site is here for both reasons, and this may be true.

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Paul Turns Media Neglect into an Asset

by Kathie Obradovich
Des Moines Register

"I took a few days away from candidates, press releases, bus tours, talking points and Twitter last week. I managed to avoid thinking about politics — except for one burning question that people asked me all the time, even on the golf course: “Why are the news media ignoring Ron Paul?”

I was aware, of course, that the Texas congressman and GOP presidential candidate had an incredulity problem. His campaign’s success has done little to crack the iron-clad sentiment among some pundits that he’s a fringe candidate in no danger of winning the nomination, let alone the White House.

So I was surprised when I cranked up Google on Monday morning..."

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Bring back the Ron Paul Blimp!!

I just finished watching the recut version of "For Liberty" and I must say that it was excellent! I noticed that the movie had some coverage of the famous Ron Paul blimp from the 2008 election. So when I finished watching the movie, I went online and did some research. I found a website that wants to bring back the blimp in 2012. At the bottom of one of the pages on the blimp, they have an area to pledge money for a relaunching for the blimp in 2012.

I encourage everyone to pledge money for the blimp! Here is the link:


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New Hampshire party chair alleges bribe by national GOP

Embattled New Hampshire GOP chair Jack Kimball alleged Tuesday that the Republican Governors Association offered the state party money in exchange for his stepping down.

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RP, Reason, and a unique opportunity for his gop nod

My take on the recent Reason magazine/Ron Paul dust-up. Many lessons here and a unique opportunity for Ron Paul's GOP nomination.


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A winning issue

I have an idea that could be the key to restoring millions of manufacturing jobs in America.

Jobs, of course, is the biggest issue facing every candidate, and any candidate who can deliver an answer to the job malaise in America can win an election.

I strongly suggest this idea is the answer.

Reigniting the manufacturing sector would not only provide a source of good paying jobs which would dramatically reduce unemployment and thus reduce the hemorrhaging in unemployment benefits, but would reduce our current account deficit - the trade deficit which would strengthen the dollar.

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Another Liberty/Ron/Rand Candidate! Kristi Risk for Indiana's 8th

It's official! We have another Ron Paul/Rand Paul/Liberty Candidate to vote for in Indiana. Check out Kristi Risk's website at:


Remember back in July when I had posted about her draft website:


Well, it looks like it worked guys! We in the 8th District of the Hoosier state will have an alternative to 'neocon Bucshon'.

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The more GOP candidates, the better it will be for RP

If Ricky Perry and possibly Sarah Palin, Paul Ryan, etc. joining the race makes you think it will hurt RP's chances, you'd be wrong. No other candidate has a larger base of core voters that have their minds 100% made up.

Imagine the GOP election happened tomorrow and RP got 14% of the vote while Bachman got 15%, Perry 16% and Romney 18%.

What happens when you add Palin and Paul Ryan to the mix?

RP would stay at 14% while the others would take away votes from each other, dropping everyone's vote count down except for RP.

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Ron Paul Versus The Candidates


I wish I knew how to embed videos here... My apologies... but this video lists problems in each of the other candidates and their claims to be "small government." It is not all-inclusive, and I would bet the video that was all inclusive would be more than a couple of hours long, but... I hope it's things like this that make people think twice about TEA Party sweetheart Michelle Bachmann, "Slick" Mitt Romney and J.R. "Dick" Perry.

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Phil De Franco show mentions Ron Paul

This video is getting close to a million views and he says some great things about Ron... just wanted to share. Cheers.


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Anyone know when the Board of Elections was created...

Is the Board of Elections a government agency or is it like the Federal Reserve, a private institution in partnership with the government?

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Home made campaign signs

What if instead of using the typical preprinted, mass produced campaign signage that EVERY candidate uses, we instead encouraged supporters to make signs by hand?

It would seem to me that it would not only emphasize the grassroots support Ron Paul has behind him, but it would help send the message that actual people are behind him, taking time out of their day and using their own resources to show their support. It would also help him stand out amongst a sea of others that mass produce campaign signage.

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Out of touch

I though this article was right on target and worth reading:


I'm not the "bad guy" and I'm tired of funding these venomous
creatures. They are totally out of touch with reality. Fortunately, we
have Dr. No to fill the void created by these zombies.



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