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They keep tryin' but it ain't workin' too well.

CNN Front Page Quick vote:

Did Rick Perry's debate performance solidify his front-runner status for the GOP presidential nomination?

No 77%

Yes 23%

Total votes: 74713

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Ron Paul DOUBLES His National Support In Just 2 Weeks

When Ron Paul routinely trounces his opposition in post-debate polls, the establishment media dismisses the outcome as not being reflective of national trends. However, a new CNN survey confirms that the Congressman is a top tier candidate and his popularity is rapidly accelerating.

In a national poll conducted by CNN which surveyed over 1,000 Americans between September 9-11, Paul came in fourth just 6 per cent behind Mitt Romney in second , with Sarah Palin third and Rick Perry leading.

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Ron Paul dog disappointed with CNN debate

Ron Paul Dog think CNN debate should not censor Ron Paul He no likey.

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Stats for CNN Teaparty Debate 9/12/2011

From Dawn of the Weak: Once again it was the Rick Perry & Mitt Romney show. Hogging up nearly 14 minutes and nearly 11 minutes respectively, the nearest talking time was Congresswoman Michele Bachmann with 8:35. Largely due to so many attacks on him, CNN gave no shortage of time to Rick Perry for response, and in many cases CNN actually initiated the back 'n forth. The case will probably be made that this was for the sake of continuing story-lines currently in the news cycle, but it is quite odd that in continuing news cycles that when the Federal Reserve is brought up for discussion that Santorum, Cain, Bachmann, Perry and Romney were all questioned, leaving out the one person in politics who is actually responsible for bringing the Federal Reserve out of the closet of secrecy: Ron Paul.

Oddly, the feedback loop continues since the talk time was given to the perceived frontrunners which will likely result in showing their highlights and discussing how they dominated the debate while everyone else was strangely absent. Perhaps it is time for a more forum-oriented national discussion, maybe half in actual forum with extended time-allotments and the other half in direct debates. I, for one, would love an entire debate where the candidates moderate. Can't be worse than this.

Talking Time (mm:ss):
Perry 13:54
Mitt 10:56
Ron Paul 07:34
Bachmann 08:35
Newt 07:32
Herman 05:42
Santorum 07:06
Huntsman 07:50
Total 1:09:09

# Turns Talking:

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CNN debate poll.Come on folks cast your vote! Romney is beating Ron Paul :(

Hey everyone, looks like Mitt Romney is winning this poll from the CNN debate...Honestly do you think he won the debate??? Not likely.

Here is the link to vote for Dr. Paul Come show some support for our next president (Ron Paul)...And you better not vote for Romney :)

God bless and let us show them our numbers are not just made up! We are a real voice, and our candidate is a real contender!

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CNN sent out this email one hour BEFORE the debate

CNN summarized to their subscribers exactly what would happen in their staged debate. It was a debate between Perry and Romney with 6 other supporting actors.

The CNN e mail: "While the ongoing battle between front-runner Rick Perry and Mitt Romney will take center stage, six other Republican presidential candidates will try to gain ground in polls and fundraising in the first-ever CNN/Tea Party Debate at 8 p.m. ET in Tampa, Florida.

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Polls List - - - Post Debate - - - Go Vote!

Okay, here is a short list of post debate polls:








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Post debate polls? and Wolf's contact page.

No CNN post debate poll? Are there other polls I can vote in? Hurry, I need to vote everywhere I can asap. I guess CNN is scared...

Shame on CNN and Wolf Blitzer. Here is a link to make a oomment to Wolf:
ht tp://

Please politely tell Wolf how much he and CNN suck, thanks. And I would like to stress politely tell him that he and CNN suck.

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Thought on CNN Debate

I feel this debate was staged to lift Bachmann and take a little lead off Perry, strengthening a strong top tier that they have chosen. And for all the candidates to swiftly pick up the mantra of Paul as their him almost no time to speak his own words, the principles he's been preaching for over 30 years with a perfect record.

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Watch the Tea Party Debate Live!

Watch the Debate Live!! 8pm EST

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New CNN poll - 3rd at 13%

New poll numbers:
Rick Perry 32 %
Mitt Romney 21 %
Ron Paul 13 %
Bachmann 7 %
Gingrich 7 %
Cain 6 %
Huntsman 2 %
Santorum 2 %
(without Palin)


some details:
south: 17 % (2nd!)
Perry 21% Paul 19% Romney 19% (w Palin)
Romney 25% Perry 24% Paul 21% (wo Palin)

happy to share this numbers with you...
what tactics will they use tonight?

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Someone at CNN didn't get the memo

There are times when even I want to round up as many members of the media as I can, put them in a Noah-type ark, set them off to sail and hope to never see them again.

Watching, listening and reading all the media reports about the GOP nomination essentially being a two-man race between former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and Texas Gov. Rick Perry is the reason my blood is boiling.


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Ron Paul Needs An Injection of Alpha-Male

Ron did HORRIBLY last night in the debate and it's not enough to say that the forum didn't allow him to make his case effectively.

Newt broke through and came out looking good, despite very similar treatment. It's not about the moderators or the forum. It's about BALLS.

RP needs an injection of Alpha-Male!

He doesn't seem to exude LEADERSHIP QUALITIES very well at all. The most effective candidates at doing that are Romney, Perry, and surprisingly Huntsman.

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New homepage poll just posted an online poll for the likely Republican nominee. they only list Romney, Perry, and Bachmann as choices. let's give the rotten SOB's a piece of our minds. 404-827-1500. we should start a CNN Phone Bomb.

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