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Host a Debate For Ron Paul?

Sick and tired of watching the Mainstream media ignore Ron Paul, I think we should host our own debates and invite as many friends/Strangers and family that are not Ron Paul supporters and have them address their questions at the debate. That way Ron Paul gets more time to answer questions. Maybe other candidates can come in, maybe a celebrity can host it or participate or ask questions just like the people. This way the Mainstream media loses their views on TV. and the views are instead transferred to Ron Paul!

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Wow , can the ignoring by the media get any more obvious than this

In this video at around the 3:48 mark where they go through recent poll numbers, the ignoring is beyond appalling:

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Registered Just To Post This - What Woke You Up To Ron Paul?

What made you support Dr. Paul and how do we use that to recruit more supporters?

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BlackThisOut! protest-promotion at FOX/CNN/MSNBC HQ in NY, 15th-19th oct.

We Ron Paul supporters will be gathering at MSM FOX, CNN, MSNBC headquarters in New York for 5 consecutive days, from Saturday, 15th till Wednesday 19th october, to raise our voice against blatant media bias and ignorance towards Ron Paul and his Presidental Campaign and to promote 19th october BlackThisOut! moneybomb, the ultimate Ron Paul grassroots moneybomb, as our responese to that.

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Reminder: Ron Paul to Washington as Napoleon to Paris - Media reacts the same way

The following headlines appeared in the French newspaper Moniteur in March of 1815. These banners announced Napoleon's return from Elba to Paris. What do they tell you about the return of Napoleon?

March 9 The Monster has escaped from his place of banishment.

March 10 The Corsican Orge has landed at Cape Juan

March 11 TheTiger has shown himself at Gap. The Troops are advancing on all sides to arrest his progress. He will conclude his miserable adventure by becoming a wanderer among the mountains.

March 12 The Monster has actually advanced as far as Grenoble

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CBS Writes Unconscionable Hit Piece In Covering Ron Paul's Victory - Our Boycott in Response

This is truly pathetic. It is about as low as we've seen one of the major networks stoop in their coverage of Dr. Paul--and this isn't even TV coverage (which, compared with the online content is usually the worse of the two). Note how ridiculously baseless the charges are and the inflammatory headline (trending # 3). Also notice that they even resorted to such shameless tactics as picking out a one-line, incoherent sentence from Dr.

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Ron Paul Wins Values Voters poll, the media ignores him & his threat

Today Ron Paul won the VV straw poll by 37% and as usual the media ignored his win and tried to marginalize his support. Some even suggested he "fixed" the ballot. Of course all of this is nonsense and this article explains the situation and cuts through the media bias.

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For You Ron Paul Video Makers Out There

The media distorts everything that Ron Paul does. Just look at this Straw Poll win for Ron Paul in DC. The headlines are already coming out and RP is being ignored. We need to do something about it.

If you make videos or if you are the Revolution Super Pac, you should start making your videos with a start like this:

This Is Another Video About The Things The Main Stream Media About Does Not Want You To Hear Or See!

We need to call attention to the blackout by MSM on every video.

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Ron Paul Campaign Stop in Eastern North Carolina - Local NBC station to cover event!

Ron Paul is making a campaign stop in Eastern North Carolina Friday. He will be in Greenville, NC - home of East Carolina University. Dr. Paul along with Congressman Walter Jones is scheduled speak to supporters and attendees at the Greenville Convention Center. The event is from 5pm - 7pm. My contacts at the local NBC station WITN tell me that local reporters are covering the event and will interview Ron Paul for the evening news. We need to mobilize as many people as possible to attend this event - ticket prices are $25.00 per person and $10.00 for students.

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Ron "the Truth" Paul and the media bias

Multiple articles trying to make Ron Paul look crazy once again. The whole one hour talk on C-SPAN and they write articles about how Ron Paul says that the journalists may be assassinated. He was just making a point in a theoretical situation. For those of you who have watched you would see this was such a minor point of the talk that was over an hour.

I am sick and tired of this complete media bias. I was telling my friend to google Ron Paul and he pointed out the bad articles first, they really are hurting the campaign and the Truth.

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Ron Paul Promotional DVD (Video Included)

Hi DP'ers. I have a big favor to ask of you. I am working on a DVD project.

DVD's will be burned, bagged and put on door knobs in as many homes as we can afford to do.

The goal is to introduce people to Ron Paul. It is also to remove some of the fears people have (thanks to the media) of his positions, such as drugs, medicare and his foreign policy.

Then the end has a call to action where people can learn more, find his web site and get involved.

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