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Educate for Ron Paul Project?

I was thinking, there are long discussions about Ron Paul on other web sites. The opposition is rumored to have people that they hire to say negative things about Paul to sway public opinion.

Why not create link lists where we can go and post replies to negative comments in order to educate people politely about him? Could it have an impact?

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List of online forums for candidates and politics

I thought it might be helpful to gather a list of forums for all of the candidates so we can see what their supporters are talking about.

I also included some non-candidate political forums.

If anyone finds others, post them and I will add them to this list. Also, if there are forums you think should not be included, let me know that too and I will look at them.

Anyway, here is the start of what should become a comprehensive list.


Ron Paul

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Places online to spread the message

Find me some more to post!

Here are over 1 million conservatives:

Over 1 million NRA supporters:

1.7 million people who are pro-life:

1.4 million people who like 'peace':

153 thousand people who want to legalize marijuana:

41 thousand people who are for homeschooling:

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Help Dr. Paul - Answer your phone!

I was dismayed to hear a Democrat strategist who was being interviewed on Wednesday night's O'Reilly Factor say that there was "no anti-war candidate on the Republican side."
This my friends is a blatant form of censorship. Certainly someone calling herself a Democrat strategist who is called on to speak on national TV, cannot be that ignorant of the facts.
Sadly, we have seen some questionable behavior in both the mainstream media and with certain individuals in Dr. Paul's own party who have tried to exclude Ron Paul from debates, forums, and polls.

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