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Ron Paul Candidate Profile

Name: Ron Paul (b. Ronald Ernest Paul)

DOB: August 20, 1935 (shares a birthday with Jacqueline Susann, Slobodan Milocevic and Al Roker)

Aliases: Dr. No, He Who Must Not Be Named, The Fringe Candidate Who Polls Above 30 Percent

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Time to shift gears

It's time to shift gears, we're not the underdog anymore. America agrees with us and we need to shatter the illusion we can't win the nomination. We need to destroy these illusions that Ron Paul is going to support someone else, he isn't and he is NOT running third party. He is going to win the Republican nomination. We need an audio track from Ron Paul to make a fundraiser video for the money bomb that answers the questions like this:

New responses to old old old OVER asked questions.

Romney or Perry or any other candidate who would you support?

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Ron Paul Calls Rick Perry ‘Candidate of the Week’

Republican presidential contender Rep. Ron Paul had some tough words for his Republican opponent Texas Governor Rick Perry, calling him “candidate of the week” and said his poll numbers would fall once voters get to know him better.

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My take on the Governor Christie drama

The Republican “Flavor of the Week?” New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. In a position to have his speaker fees skyrocket, the Northeast governor in his second year in office showed up at the Reagan library in Southern California yesterday. He read a staffers well written speech and answered questions with humor and sincerity. Still after this event I couldn’t help but ask myself, “what is this guy thinking?”

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Ron Paul on Freedom Watch Pt 1/2 9/26/2011

A must watch interview im working on uploading part 2 right now just be patient and up vote this and please comment

UPDATE: pt 2

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12" x 48" Ron Paul Banners to Print out

This is a banner you can print out and bring to a rally. I tried to make the issues easy to understand. The size is 12" x 48". It is designed to print out on a copier that prints banner paper.

Click here:

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Fox/Google Debate poll: Which GOP Candidate Can Best Spur Economic Growth? RP@70%

In the Republican presidential candidates' debate Thursday night, who do you think has the best approach to spurring economic growth?

Total of 12,821 votes
Ron Paul 70%(8,972 votes)
Mitt Romney 9.2%(1,184 votes)
Unsure 7.6%(980 votes)
Jon Huntsman 4.5%(571 votes)
Rick Perry 3%(380 votes)
Herman Cain 2.4%(303 votes)
Gary Johnson 1.3%(173 votes)
Newt Gingrich 1.1%(135 votes)
Michele Bachmann 0.6%(78 votes)

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Perry Endorses Dr. Paul

"As conservatives we know that values and vision matter. It’s not who is the slickest candidate or the smoothest debater that we need to elect. We need to elect the candidate with the best record and the best vision for this country,"

Gov. Perry thank you for your solid endorsement of Dr. Ron Paul.

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*Active Poll* - Will GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul become a spoiler for Rick Perry? Go Vote!

Fervent young followers chant his name as he steps to the podium of New England College: “Ron Paul, Ron Paul.” But the libertarian leaning Texas congressman, who will retire at the end of his term, is in his third race for the White House has a difficult time moving his fringe candidacy to more mainstream Republicans in a fractured primary battle. Paul remains undaunted and says his campaign is catching on.

Will GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul become a spoiler for Rick Perry?

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Facebook Like, Google +1 and maybe even Tweet: Ron Paul on Fox News' Candidate Tracker

Fox News' candidate tracker appears to be ranked based on Facebook likes. Ron Paul is currently #1, but we need to do more to ensure that he remains #1. We need to keep the momentum going.

If you have a Facebook account, be sure to click the "f Like" button directly below Ron Paul's photo at

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The Times-Delphic - Young Voters favor ‘Refreshing’ Candidate - Ron Paul is, "more in-line with young people".

It’s hard to believe it is that time again — campaign season.

One candidate who is popping up again from the 2008 presidential election is Ron Paul, a registered Republican who flies under the libertarian banner. Paul has become a favorite amongst students on the Drake University campus and across the states.

“I don’t just like him; I absolutely love him,” sophomore Benjamin Levine said.

Rachel Caufield, associate professor of politics and international relations, said she is not that surprised that students are supporting Paul.

“I think Ron Paul is refreshing, and as a libertarian he’s probably more in-line with young people,” Caufield said.

Read Here-->

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Why Ron Paul isn't top-tier

What is the LA Times talking about? They are using polls weeks or months old. I guess they thought they had better write this article before the new polls were discovered by the general public. Some of the polls now show Paul ahead of Perry by 4% 37% Paul to 33% Perry and just 2% behind Romney. Another misrepresentation of the facts by MSM. Let's set them straight on their facts!

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Another Liberty/Ron/Rand Candidate! Kristi Risk for Indiana's 8th

It's official! We have another Ron Paul/Rand Paul/Liberty Candidate to vote for in Indiana. Check out Kristi Risk's website at:

Remember back in July when I had posted about her draft website:

Well, it looks like it worked guys! We in the 8th District of the Hoosier state will have an alternative to 'neocon Bucshon'.

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