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Wall Street Journal on Ron Paul

Ron makes the WSJ Online in the wee hours...yes I know I should be sleeping!

The author also notes that in Iowa, Ron outdrew the main event at the ITR/ICA forum.

Graphic from the WSJ. Click here to read the story.

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U.S. News: Ten Things You Didn't Know about Ron Paul

U.S. News and World Report provides a concise summary of Ron Paul's personal life and political career in Ten Things You Didn't Know about Ron Paul.

They even let Ron Paul speak for himself:
Explaining why he opposes legislation that expands government power, funds federal spending, or reduces privacy: "I interpret through the eyes of the Constitution. If we don't have direct authorization, I don't vote for it, even if there are good intentions."

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How the media does a disservice to us all

I am very pleased to have been invited to post on The Daily Paul. Let me introduce myself...

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