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Ron Paul Handouts!!

I have made two Ron Paul informational handouts, but I don't know how to post them online? If you need handouts to print email me at - YAL(zero) - and I will send them over to you. They are great to post around town, put in peoples mailboxes, handout at events... whatever you can think of to get the name and information out there!! They contain some of his voting record, about him, some quotes, his stance on issues.. its all there!! I will respond and send you the flyers as soon as i get a chance!

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Effective forms of spreading the word...

I am mass producing thousands of flyers and i have me and a few friends who are passing out them out at apartment complexes and neighborhoods. My question is--Is this an effective way to get Ron Pauls name out there? Does anyone have any ideas on other ways to get his name out?

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Ron Paul Campaign Flyer

I made a Ron Paul flyer that can be printed and handed out inexpensively. I tried to fit as much on one page as I could and still get the message out. Feel free to download and disperse it.

Ron Paul Flyer

I thought it came out well and I'm going to hand it out at the local shopping malls.

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