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EXCLUSIVE - U.S. tax-evasion probe turns to Israeli banks

By Lynnley Browning

REUTERS - The U.S. pursuit of offshore tax evaders is widening to include Israel, where U.S. authorities are scrutinizing three of Israel's largest banks over suspicions their Swiss outposts helped American clients evade taxes, people briefed on the matter said.

The banks under scrutiny by the U.S. Justice Department's criminal tax division are Bank Hapoalim, Bank Leumi le-Israel BM and Mizrahi-Tefahot, the sources said.

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We Don't Want to LIVE Under a World Government (Ron Paul New World 2012)

We Don't Want to Live Under a World Government; Of the Corporations, By the Corporations, & For the Corporations!

Lets Make a Stand!
Please LIKE & SHARE this video with all of your Ron Paul friends and family. The message of Personal Responsibility and Freedom needs to be spread to every corner of our country!

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J.P. Morgan is foreclosing on the U.S. Treasury

I am not making this up. Hat tip reader Deontos.

Here is the high level story: JP Morgan Chase and Northwest Trust foreclosed on a property in Hillsboro, Oregon. Treasury (more accurately, the IRS) has a tax lien on the property

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The article Bachmann doesn't want you to read

If you were ever considering voting for Michele Bachmann or know anybody who is, just have them read this:

Ron Paul with Howard Fineman, and getting rid of the IRS

Howard Fineman called me about a month ago. I've spoken to him before about other candidates. He didn't ask me much, he seemed to be just sort of 'checking in' I guess, to be sure there were real people in NH supporting Ron Paul.
In this video, he brings up the old question of whether Ron is advocating that people break the law. Of course Ron says he does not, but that people who try to challenge bad laws have to know what they are getting into and that they will suffer the consequences. This is but ONE of a series and if you poke around you can find the others.

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Ron Paul and Civil Disobedience

Here is the video of Ron explaining that anyone who doesn't pay their taxes must do it knowing that they have to bear the consequences and that if you do civil disobedience such as the Browns are doing in challenging the laws, it should be done non-violently.

Remember Ron has no idea who the Browns are, or their history or much else about them except that they're bucking the system and thus far have committed an act of non-violence.

For Katz, the Concord Monitor, AP or any other news outlet to say he is a 'supporter' is patently false.

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Ron Paul with Neil Cavuto June 26 at 4:30 ET - False AP Story

Dr. Ron Paul will appear today June 26th at 4:30 ET on Neil Cavuto's show on FOX NEWS.

He will counter a false story being spread by the Associate Press that was first picked up from the Concord Monitor blog of local NH reporter Margot Sanger Katz.

The AP's story falsely draws lines that incorrectly insinuate that Ron is a 'supporter' of Ed and Dr. Elaine Brown of NH.

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