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Paul's Eyebrow: Vote this article DOWN, here [link]

vote it down, top right of the article window, click the red thumb-down icon.

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Vote for "demands" on OWS site

The above link is from the Occupy Wall Street website. They are trying to vote on various demands. Go there and vote for the ones that support liberty, and vote against the anti-liberty items.

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OK presidential primary in March

For the 2008 election Oklahoma moved their primaries to the first Tuesday in February.
For the 2012 election the primaries have been moved to the first Tuesday in March.
Just in case any other Okies were wondering when our primaries are so they can make plans to go vote!

Oklahoma Senate OKs presidential primary in March <-link to Tulsa World article.

OH! - in case you need reminding - VOTE RON PAUL!

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Ron Paul: I’m Not Going to Kowtow to the Latino Vote

Rep. Ron Paul gave a sneak peak into how his administration would handle illegal immigrants, telling a Spanish language news program, I’m not going to kowtow to Latino voters.

Paul, appearing on Univision’s Sunday morning politics show “Al Punto,” said that illegal immigrants shouldn’t be given any special route to citizenship. Paul instead suggested the possibility of their earning a work permit to fold them into the American legal system.

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Alert! Blue Democrats, Independents, Democrats in NEW YORK

If you are a New York Resident and would like to vote for Ron Paul in the GOP Primary, you MUST MAIL your voter registration form to SWITCH to the Republican Party by OCTOBER 14TH!!! if your envelope is postmarked October 15, you will NOT be able to vote for Ron Paul in the Primary. ACT NOW don't wait and get those family members and friends to do the same.

New York
To find out what your voter status is go HERE:

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Make Sure You Are Registered Republican if Your State Requires. Also, Become a Ron Paul Delegate

We need to get the word out that everyone must be registered Republican in their states to vote for Ron Paul in the Republican primaries. He must win the Republican nomination or it is over for Ron Paul! And some states require you to be registered well in advance (even months) of the primaries. So, it is important if you are not already a registered Republican to check with your state.

Also, please look in to becoming a delegate for Ron Paul in your district/state.

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Getting the Voters Registered

Hey everyone,

I have an idea that I think will help our cause, if enough people can run with it. The best people to run with this are the meetup groups around America. If you have 20, 30, or 40 people I think you have the core to make this happen.

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Bill O'reilly online poll . Go vote now!

go vote for Ron Paul on this online poll now!

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The fear of the unknown

The fear of the unknown drives many to seek safety and security in the status quo. That we have the status quo, have had for many years, and that many are unemployed, lost a great deal of their wealth, and fear collapse of the world economic system seems to escape many. That many of the GOP candidates are proposing new versions of the status quo with a little tweak here and there, a new constitutional amendment to ban something or other, a new “contract with America” cause the last one fixed nothing, or a new tax scheme that will not pass the Congress, also seems to appeal to some.

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Colorado GOP Moves Up 2012 Caucuses to Day After Iowa's(Feb 7)

Published September 24, 2011

| Associated Press

A plan by Colorado Republicans to move up their 2012 presidential caucuses to the day after the Iowa caucus has won final approval.

The Republican Central Committee voted Saturday to move the caucus from March 6 to Feb. 7.

State GOP Chairman Ryan Call says the earlier date could give Colorado a greater voice in the Republican presidential contest. State Republicans also shifted their caucus date in 2008.

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HURRY Paulites - Vote for Ron Paul on O'Reilly's poll going on now

Go here and vote for Ron Paul.

Then you can quickly leave the site like I did.

Let's ruin O'Reilly's day with a win by Dr. Paul.

The corrupt shyster probably won't announce the truth anyway but let's try.

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Oklahoma--Groovefest booth

On October 2nd, the University of Oklahoma Chapter of Young Americans for Liberty will have a booth at Groovefest. This is a bi-annual event to raise awareness about human and civil rights issues that is in its 26th year. We are excited to be a part of it this year! We plan on registering people to vote and spreading awareness about Ron Paul's stance on things like the Patriot Act, the TSA and the non-intervention Foreign Policy. If you are in the greater Oklahoma City metro area, come out and say Hi! There are good bands and it's all free.

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