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NEW Ron Paul Anti-WAR Site!


This is a very simple page designed to focus on the wars as a means to get new Ron Paul supporters and donations.

The video might change, but as of now I'm going to go ahead and use the LibertyPAC video because I think it's the best out there when it comes to the anti-war push.

So from now on, if you wanna send someone to this video - send them too RONPAULENDTHEWARS.COM

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Pelosi Supports Occupy Wall Street Movement

WASHINGTON, Oct. 9, 2011

House Democratic Leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., said she supports the growing nationwide Occupy Wall Street movement, which began on the streets of downtown New York City in mid-September.

"I support the message to the establishment, whether it's Wall Street or the political establishment and the rest, that change has to happen," said Pelosi in an exclusive interview with ABC News "This Week" anchor Christiane Amanpour. "We cannot continue in a way this is not relevant to their lives."

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Amazing Rick Perry 2012 ad

Amazing Rick Perry 2012 ad
This video was Blocked by youtube after 1000 views, seems they dont want the idea to catch on. Its back up now so lets really push it out there this time.

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People will Rise: Black THIS Out! new video

Only a few generations have been granted the role of protecting freedom in its maximum hour of danger...

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I think the "best" videos should be available for download on torrent.

Not every potential Ron Paul voter has broadband, is comfortable on the Internet, follows links, visits blogs, or even reads emails.

Not every potential Ron Paul activist (believe it or not) is tech savvy, wired, or knowledgeable about how best to utilize the new media.

For example, I would like to burn some homemade DVD's with selected Ron Paul videos to hand out to neighbors or casual acquaintances.

I could do so with or without some slimjims and/or a personal letter to supplement the video content.

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Organizing RP videos for recruiting purposes.

Let me preface this with the fact that I would do this myself if I knew how, but I don't and think it could help our cause.


Someone posted yesterday that the campaign should create 5 minute video segments on Ron Paul's view on different topics. I was thinking that with all the speaking he has done already, why would they take the time to re-do this. All of his opinions are already out there recorded in his talks somewhere on Youtube.

Here's the suggestion (if it has not been done already):

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Video idea for BTO, black out Ron in the video, change the voice

I would like to present an idea for a BTO video.
Take some simple Ron videos, like the ones from CSPAN where he is talking about specific issues.
Black out his face in that, and change the voice pitch so that it is unrecognizable but understandable.
Arrange the video segments according to issues - or make separate vids for separate issues.
"who predicted the housing and subprime bubble"
1)Start with Economy, including the debt, and Fed.
"Who predicted the blowback due to faulty foreign policies"
3) cutting foreign aid to "enemies" of Israel
4) Bring troops home.

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Black this out supporter video

Is there someone out there willing to make a Black This Out video featuring our photos like this?

Here is mine!

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Ron Paul Town Hall Meeting at Nashua Community College 10/3/2011 (Video)

Ron Paul speech and Q&A at a "We The People" town hall meeting at the Nashua Community College in Nashua, NH.

Sound and video quality are not the best and the last 2 questions where cut off. But a great speech and Q&A session overall. Ron Paul talks a lot about how we are transitioning from a republic to a tyranny.

(still looking for a complete version.. The one above is cut off at the end..)

Picture from event:

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$400 Prize: Strike The Root Video Contest

We have some of the best grassroots videographers around, and our understand the issues. Here's a chance to make a big difference in the OccupyTogether movement and earn some cash!

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Ron Paul makes little girl cry.

as the title says: Ron Paul makes little girl cry.

I think this has viral potential all over it... enjoy :-)

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Video: Trader admits Goldman ruling the world..warns to be prepared within the next 12 months

...My question is if they keep printing money though, he could be wrong about the 12 months, right? They could prolong this for years is my understanding...comments?

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Video: Ron Paul in NH on NECN 9/30

Video from Dr. Paul's interview with NECN in NH on Friday:


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