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For your entertainment : Happy 9/11, parody video of Rebecca Black's Friday

I am not a conspiracy theorist, but this video was relatively funny.

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NEW VIDEO: "I Have A Dream": Comparing Martin Luther King, Jr. and Ron Paul

Hey, folks. An idea came to me last night to work on a movie comparing MLK to Ron Paul. I finished the script last night, and then did the grunt work this afternoon. It's not a flashy video, replete with text and graphics or music, but I think the message is an inspiring one that hits home. Although some in the RP movement disagree with many of Dr. King's political beliefs, I think we can all agree that Ron Paul best epitomizes the message espoused by Dr. King that we should be judged by the content of our character, not the color of our skin.

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Video: You Voted for Peace!

Awesome, beautifully made, video that will win with Democrats and Independents! I believe, God willing if Ron Paul were to win the nomination, this would HAVE to be an ad run nationally.

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Vote for Peace! Ron Paul 2012

Great short that emphasizes ending the wars.

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GOP Parrots

I think it would be a good idea to highlight the fact that everyone is now parroting Ron Paul's long held positions. I think a successful video would show RP making a statement and the date (a few years ago would probably be the most effective), and then a current candidate repeating the same thing years later. To amplify the effect, we would probably need that candidate making a statement contrary to their current 'belief' at some point before they agreed with RP, though.

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VIDEO: One World, One People: Where Is The Love?

I know many of my subscribers have missed my videos it has been a while since I have made a new one but I have finally got around to making another one.. This one does not have anything to do with Ron Paul but I still believe it to be very fitting for all people and humanity..We are all one.. Regardless of Race, Culture, Religion or Country.. So ask you self where is the love? Made from the song "Where is the Love?" by the Black Eyed Pea's with fitting videos over layered..

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NEW VIDEO - Jerry Doyle Slams Perry and Defends Ron Paul - Amazing Radio Segment

Jerry Doyle hit a home run again for Ron Paul and for what we are fighting for. He destroyed Rick Perry, destroyed Rick Santorum and then said things about Ron Paul that we have been wanting ANYONE in the media to say. This was sensational.

Folks, after hearing this today, I think it is obvious that we have have a powerful ally in Jerry Doyle.

He needs to keep hearing from us. If you have a minute, send him a message and let him know what you think about what he had to say today.

He reads his emails. I have seen numerous people commenting on here that he wrote them back personally. He did me too.

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Veterans for Ron Paul - A Grassroots Video

A compilation of videos I have collected from veterans over the last five months. As veterans we have a duty to let the American people to let them know that we overwhelmingly support the candidate of peace and the champion of The Constitution.

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Sen. Rand Paul on Obama’s Economic

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Ron Paul on the Long Haul - Ron Paul and Judge Napolitano

Sep 6, 2011
Ron Paul and Judge Napolitano get back to work debunking central economic planning.

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What does real grassroots support look like? Ron Paul - Hope is on its Way

A special day at the 12 Corners in Brighton, NY, with the Rochester Meetup Group doing their thing.

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Tea Party Zombies Must Die Video Game

The Left attacks the Tea Party with this Zombie game.

its 4 levels of chopping and shooting Palin,Bachmann,Huckabee,Beck,Koch bros,Americans for Prosperity and Fox news as well as a few others. At the end of the game a Donkey continuously shits on the pictures of the cast of characters.

Throughout the game there are strange poll numbers and a weird joke on glenn beck about raping some girl in 1990.

neither Ron Paul or Rand Paul are shown anywhere in the game.

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